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New Release - A FOREMAN FOR FIONA by Amelia C. Adams

A Foreman for Fiona by Amelia C. Adams_New Release

A Foreman for Fiona

Dark-haired spitfire Fiona O'Hara is the last of five young women who came to Kansas as mail-order brides seeking a new start at the Lazy Q Ranch. Her friends are all married now and have been encouraging her to do the same, but things didn't work out with her intended, and that's just fine with her. She was never interested in marriage anyway, not really, and now that she has a job and can support herself, she sees no reason to tie herself down.

Big Mike Denton, the foreman at the Lazy Q, sent for a mail-order bride because he thought it might be useful to have a companion. He never imagined that when she came, she'd be so feisty, and he was relieved when they decided to call off the arrangement. He also never imagined that she'd be so beautiful, and as he gets to know her, he realizes that maybe Old Sully, that old romantic match-making rancher, knew what he was up to after all . . .