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MY LOVING VIGIL KEEPING by Carla Kelly - A Reader's Opinion

My Loving Vigil Keeping by Carla Kelly - book review

A Reader's Opinion

For me, this story really began once Della arrived in Scofield. At 8,000 ft elevation, the mining camp didn't seem to offer much that would entice a teacher from the city. I felt as though Della endured that first sight simply because she didn't feel turning back was an option, but you soon see her sense of adventure and her willingness to not give up.

Owen Davis is a charmer and I enjoyed his banter with Della. Where I admired Della's courage and strength, Owen was my favorite. Despite his difficulties, he makes room in his life for hope. I enjoyed the blending of cultures and most especially the history behind the mining disaster. The author made this event feel very real and I found myself feeling the same emotions as the characters. The romance is present, but it burns slowly and sweetly. The author definitely has a talent for writing and keeps the pace of the story going from chapter to chapter.