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Adventures await within these virtual pages. Where might one go, you ask? Anywhere. Any adventure you could possibly imagine can be found between the covers of a book. 

The heart-and-soul purpose of the site is to connect readers with books by giving authors a chance to share what they've written. We're not out to change the world, and this is certainly not a new concept, but we care so much about books and what they can do for people, that we feel it's important to play our part the best way we know how for as long as we're able.

From honest and objective book reviews, contests, and author interviews, Books & Benches offers an array of opportunities for authors and readers to connect.

In 2017, we took a break to focus on another book site. Three years later we realized we wanted the best of both, and in July 2020 we merged The Captivating Quill with Books & Benches.

This is a volunteer-operated website, and with the help of dedicated reviewers, our only goal is help authors and inspire readers. We hope you'll be encouraged to read, interact with, and support the authors and their stories. After all, these are your adventures, too. 


Don't know where to start? Browse the reviews to find some great books, then head on over to meet new authors on the interviews page. This site is free to browse and always will be.


What makes Books & Benches different? We couldn't tell you because to us, it's simply a way to help authors and readers find each other, a concept that is certainly not new in our digital age. We believe that what's "behind the curtain" is for you to discover.

—The Books & Benches Team

Books and Benches

 This website is privately owned. It is run by a dedicated group of volunteers whose primary goal is to have fun while talking about one of our favorite things—books!

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