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"Gritty" - THE HALO CONSPIRACY by Michael Murphy - Excerpt

"The Halo Conspiracy is a captivating and a fast-paced futuristic Sci-Fi adventure murder mystery read with twists and turns that kept me intrigued and guessing." —Nursebookie

The Halo Conspiracy by Michael Murphy

The Halo Conspiracy

In mid-twenty-first century, solving murders hasn’t become any easier. Cutting edge science has created more opportunities for crime than offered solutions.

A ruthless technology company threatens to reveal Project Halo, a scientific breakthrough that will change humanity forever. Layers of secrecy conceal cutting-edge robotics, artificial intelligence and even rumors of synthetic humans. Before scientists can correct flaws that threaten the program, someone or something murders the brains behind the project.

Michael Murphy’s witty fast-paced sci-fi mystery introduces Lucas Nash, a gritty, by the book homicide detective thrust into a world he always avoids, high tech. He sifts through a maze of suspects; Rachel, a spirited inte