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HAUNTED BORDER by Patrick Dearen - Excerpt

Haunted Border is based on a long-lost voice recording with a survivor of the true-life Brite Ranch Raid of 1917.

Haunted Border by Patrick Dearen

Haunted Border

On December 25, 1870, young Jake Graves faced a frightful choice: allow Comanches to carry off his sister, or shoot her. Unwilling to fire, he has been tortured ever since by the brutal end that he could have spared her.

The incident bred in him a hatred for Indians that has continued to this Christmas Day of 1917 on the Cross C Ranch on the Texas-Mexico border, a region embroiled in a Mexican revolution that has spawned lawless factions. Now Jake comes up against not only the news that his daughter Dru wants to marry Cross C foreman Nub DeJarnett—who is half Apache—but also a raid by Mexican bandits.

When the raiders threaten to carry Dru and her cousin Ruthie away, Jake faces again an impossible choice down the sights of his carbine. The real culprit is the bandit leader Rentería, a ruthless killer who may be a tlehuelpuchi—a shape-shifting agent of evil who needs human blood to survive.