ECHO OF ROSES by Paula Quinn - A Reader's Opinion

ECHO OF ROSES by Paula Quinn - A Reader's Opinion

A Reader's Opinion


This story is a great start to a new time travel series, Echoes in Time, set between July 2019 in New York York City and July 1485 in England.

Nicely written by talented author Paula Quinn, Echo of Roses has a lot of elements to please her readers: A modern woman swept to the past, a charming white knight, romance, intrigue, and action.

At first, this book is slow-paced, then it picks up. You start in New York City and end up in the middle of a battlefield where Kestrel Lancaster, a modern-day historian heroine, falls into the hands of her protector, Sir Nicholas De Maree, Earl of Scarborough.

Kestrel lives in NYC with four roommates: Lilith, Jack, Brian, and Kim. One day, she is given a box containing an ancient dragon brooch that belonged to her great aunt, and pouf, she's gone in another medieval century. Pouf again, she appears in the middle of a battlefield where Nicholas discovers her. He's not sure what to do with this woman who appeared from nowhere. Is she a madwoman? A witch?

Set during the War of the Roses, between the reds and whites, she finds herself caught in the middle of a political crisis. What will she do when her world is turned upside down? The relationship between the two characters developed nicely with time. What will happen to them? Will she return or stay? Will she leave Nicholas in the past or bring him into the twenty-first century? And all this happened because of an ancient brooch that reunites soulmates with true love!


Echo of Roses

Was she ready to explore the heart of a warrior?

Welcome to book 1 in the exciting new series Echoes in Time from New York Times Best Selling author Paula Quinn.

After receiving a dragon brooch from a distant great aunt, twenty-first century historian Kestrel Lancaster finds herself in fifteenth century England. Smack in the middle of a war. Like…in the middle of a blood and guts spewing, heads flying around her war. With six armored men riding toward her, bloody swords raised high in the air, horrified looks on their faces, there isn’t time to think. Only to scream. But like a dream, a dark knight rides into the fray and saves her from them all. When she realizes where and when she is, she doesn’t know whether to thank him for keeping her alive or curse him for it.

Sir Nicholas de Marre has seen many things in his years as military commander for the House of York, but he has never seen a woman appear right before his eyes—and in the middle of the battlefield. Without thinking, he kills the Lancaster bastards closing in on her. Thankfully for her he is able to fight with her deafening screams behind him. He saves her from certain death, not knowing if she is mad, or he is, and carries her to safety.

That’s his first mistake. The second is showing her mercy when he finds out she’s a Lancaster. But this odd woman who takes pictures with imaginary phones and teaches Cook to make cupcakes is easy to fall for, and before long, the heart of York’s champion is captured by a Lancaster.

England’s throne is about to change. The House of Tudor will reign, and the War of the Roses will finally be won with the intimacy of a kiss, the tenderness in a touch, and love that will echo through time.


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Time Travel Romance | Pub: May 18, 2021 | 235pp | Dragonblade Publishing

Format Read: E-book | Source: Provided by the publisher via NetGalley

Content Rating: 3 Hearts* | Reviewed by Nicole Laverdure


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