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A WILDFLOWER SUMMER by Caroline Flynn - A Reader's Opinion


A Reader's Opinion

Small town romance at its best!

This is my first time reading a Caroline Flynn book, and it was delightful! A Wildflower Summer, the third book in the author's Port Landon series, is a really enjoyable story that can be devoured in one sitting.

This small town romance is so sweet, charming, and romantic! Lily and Jason are endearing characters, and I also love the two little girls, Eden and Carlie. Good storytelling and a great pace makes it a light and easy read. I will surely check out her next book in this series.

The story starts as Lily, a single mother of a little girl named Eden, is trying to leave her small town and start a new beginning in Chicago. Unfortunately, her car breaks down just outside of Port Landon, where a sweet local mechanic named Jason comes to rescue. That's when the fun begins! This is the start of a new beginning for these two single parents who want a second chance and a fresh new start. At first, their new relationship is a little complicated with some ups and downs, but with time, patience, and understanding, their love story will touch your heart. Jason is such a sweetheart!


A Wildflower Summer

City meets small town in this beautiful sweet romance about family, new beginnings, and true love.

Single mother Lily Brentwood yearns to leave small town life behind and start again with her young daughter in Chicago. The bright city lights promise an escape from the ex who dismissed her dreams and broke her heart.

But when her car breaks down outside the sleepy town of Port Landon, she is stranded miles from Chicago and reliant on the generosity of local mechanic Jason Forrester.

A single parent too, Jason turns out to be handsome, funny…and bearing bad news – the car repairs will take longer than expected. Lily has no choice but to stay.

Jason is determined to show Lily that there is more to Port Landon than meets the eye… but deep down he knows it couldn’t be further from the city life Lily seeks.

With her fresh start in Chicago calling, Lily must decide whether the new life she hoped for means losing the man who’s quickly winning her heart.

Prepare to be swept away with the next magical summer romance by Caroline Flynn. Fans of The Restaurant, Sweet Magnolias and Virgin River will love this utterly heart-warming novel!


Contemporary Romance | Pub: July 21, 2021 |229pp | HQ Digital

Format Read: E-book | Source: Provided by the publisher via NetGalley

Content Rating:* 1 Heart | Reviewed by: Nicole Laverdure

*As of Aug 2020, star ratings are not given to books. Ratings are only provided for content. We review and share only those books we have enjoyed and think others will enjoy, too. Learn more.

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