A Reader's Opinion: WINGS OF MAYHEM by Sue Coletta


WINGS OF MAYHEM by Sue Coletta


The Grave Digger from Bones meets Silence of the Lambs in WINGS OF MAYHEM by Sue Coletta. This book really caught my attention, first by the cover and then by the synopsis. I was hooked from page one! The author said this book wasn't for the faint of heart and she was right. We get a deep look behind the crime scenes with Shawnee Daniels, a woman who lives two lives. When she crosses the wrong killer, it's a race to see if she can find what he wants returned before he makes her his next victim. The author really did a good job creating two distinct roles for Shawnee and blending them together into one person. Instead of waiting to discover the big bad guy, we know who Jack is from the start. I was upset with Shawnee for not turning this guy over to the cops early on, and it didn't put her on my favorite character list. Then again, the suspense kept me turning the pages.

Sue Coletta is very descriptive and writes a masterful crime scene with just enough detail to make you cringe and feel like you're standing over the scene. There's even a little humor to break up the mayhem. WINGS OF MAYHEM is a gripping thriller that will keep you on the edge and wanting more.

Content Note from the Author: This is not a romance book and does not contact obvious romantic/sexual elements. This book is not for the faint of heart. I offer an honest look behind the crime scene tape. Not for the gore factor but for accuracy.


Star Rating: 4 Stars | Content Rating: See Note Above | Reviewed by: Kaylie Morgan


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Shawnee Daniels—forensic police hacker by day, cat burglar by night—ignites the hellfire fury of a serial killer when she unknowingly steals his trophy box. A SERIAL KILLER STALKS THE STREETS... Cat burglar Shawnee Daniels always believed her "fearlessness rules" mantra would keep her on top and out of jail. When she hacks a confiscated hard drive at the Revere P.D., she focuses on a white-collar criminal accused of embezzlement. To teach him a lesson and recoup the funds she breaks into his massive contemporary in Bear Clave Estates. Jack has even more secrets, deadly secrets, secrets worth killing over. A CAT BURGLAR PICKS THE WRONG HOUSE TO ROB... As a glowing eagle taunts her Skype screen, Jack tells her she stole his precious trophy box—and he wants it back! THEIR LIVES COLLIDE... When her "helpful" best friend convinces her to date charismatic Detective Levaughn Samuels, her two worlds threaten to implode. Ordinarily Shawnee keeps a firm line between her professions, but dating Levaughn might help her get this psycho off her tail. AND NOW, NO ONE IS SAFE... In this lightning-fast-paced psychological thriller of secrets and lies, Shawnee juggles being stalked by a serial killer, dating the lead detective on the case, and tap dancing around her librarian best friend. If she doesn't find the trophy box, the killer's coming for her. If she doesn't expose her secret life, more will die. And if she does, she could lose her freedom and everyone she holds dear.

Series: Mayhem Series, Book One

Print Length: 300 pages

Publisher: Crossroad Press

Publication Date: May 27, 2016


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