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A Reader's Opinion: A REGENCY YULETIDE by Becky Lower


"Delightful novella!"


Delightful! Becky Lower is a new author for me and I really enjoyed her novella, A Regency Yuletide! It's well written, refreshing, and so romantic with her two charming characters, Sophie and Jeremy! If you love short Christmas stories, then this novella will please you! When Sophie's father died, she and her mother, Evelyn had to leave the estate where they lived as a family. Since they had no heir, the estate was now managed by a ruthless uncle who only wanted to get rid of them. Now both ladies are living in a small cottage on the estate. Sophie has to find a way to make their lives better, and either marry the vicar's son or wait for true love. Enters in their lives, Jeremy, a business partner with his best friend Thomas. Will Sophie be able to resist his charm? Is Jeremy ready to settle down and have a family? Will the spirit of Yuletide do it's magic? It's a romantic story of ''And they lived happily ever after''! I will surely watch her next books!

Reviewer's Rating: 4 1/2 Stars | Content Rating: 1 Hearts | Reviewed by: Nicole Laverdure



After a disappointing season in London, Sophie Davenport returns home without a marriage proposal. No sooner does she settle back into her country life than she learns her uncle has arranged for her to marry the local vicar’s son, a respectable and utterly forgettable man. He’s returning home immediately after the Christmas holiday and they will wed. She sets about making this last Christmas with just she and her mother memorable. Jeremy Wyatt hatches a plan to help his friend Thomas and his love, Emma, escape to Gretna Green and marry before her father comes after them. What he’s really doing is avoiding heading to his parents’ home, where he is the son who is always making the wrong choices. But their carriage becomes hopelessly mired in the mud from the incessant rains so Jeremy sets off to find shelter for them at the first house he comes to. Sophie welcomes the wet and weary travelers, and her mother agrees to house them temporarily until they can free the carriage. Sophie forms a bond not only with Emma, but with Jeremy. However despite the sparks they ignite in each other, they have to maintain their separate paths. But love and mistletoe have a way of upsetting even the best-laid plans.

Print Length: 63 pages

Publisher: Romance With Sass

Publication Date: October 2, 2016

Format Read: E-Book | Source: Provided by the author or publisher.


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