A Reader's Opinion: THE BELOVED by Genevra Thorne


A Faerie Tale Series Book 2

THE BELOVED by Genevra Thorne


Lord Ashton is the son of Prince Gabriel and the evil Princess Aneira. He possesses his mother's wicked allure and charm but his father's good heart. He is seduction incarnate, and a look or smile has the women dropping at his feet. When young, he enjoyed his allure, but one unfortunate night while enjoying festivities, his allure was so strong he was found with aunts and young cousins!

This was so devastating for him that he self exiled himself from his father's and grandfather's home. On an evening out with his cousin he took him for his first experience at the new village brothel, and it changed his life forever. He sees a woman on the rooftop bent on ending her life, and she jumps . . . straight in his arms. As their eyes meet, he's taken aback at the connection. She saw him and his heart, and in those few moments, she saw the real Ash, the lonely Ash in need of love!

Ash visits Eden every night in darkness lest she becomes one of the many fallen victims to his charm. Eden is beautiful but scarred down half her body. Her life was claimed many years ago by fire that took her family and left her a shell of a woman leaving her alone and defenseless. She had no choice but to become a prostitute to survive. No one saw the real Eden was beautiful and worthy of love. She was mocked and ridiculed by the brothel's men. Although they met every night, their connection grew stronger and love blossomed until the unthinkable happens and Eden finds out Ash is not disfigured or scarred but a devastatingly handsome man!

Ash never lied to Eden. He was scarred and his scars were deep. He had his family's love but also their scorn . . . None saw the depth of the real Ash!

Will Eden be able to get over the hurt of Ashton's betrayal of her trust? Can Ashton be rid of his glamour and win Eden's love? Wonderful story of beauty in the eye of the beholder! True love goes beyond the flesh—it's deeper and emotional!


Reviewer's Rating: 4 1/2 Stars | Content Rating: 4 1/2 Hearts | Reviewed by: Maria Rose Dariotis




Lord Ashton of Aethyria is enticement, seduction, temptation–born with the power to strip even the most modest woman of her gown, her will, and her virtue. With the glamour of being born a half Daoine Sidhe faerie comes the sad fate that once a woman has gazed into Ash’s eyes, she forever loses the ability to see anything other than his ravishing beauty, and can certainly never glimpse into his soul. Ashton’s allure is so raw and enchanting, in fact, that he has exiled himself from even the human side of his family, lest his own aunts be tempted by him, and lives a life of solitude and fleeting passions. But he is part human as well, and it is his human blood that makes him long for a magic no faerie spell can equal. It is his deep desire for true love that leads him to keep his magnificent face hidden from the woman who captures his heart. Eden is certain her nightly visitor is as disfigured as she, since he keeps his visage shrouded in shadow when he comes to her room. Scarred by fire, she believes herself ugly until Ashton’s tender kisses and gentle touch begin to teach her that true beauty comes from within. It’s an important lesson, since Ash knows that soon he must reveal himself to her. He prays that she can look beyond his unearthly beauty and see the heart of a man.

Print Length: 260 pages

Publication Date: May 31, 2016


Format Read: E-Book | Source: Provided by the auor or publisher


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