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A Reader's Opinion: BEYOND THE SHADOWS by Linda Boulanger


He had no future. She had no past.


Spellbound! Beyond the Shadows by Linda Boulanger has all of the key elements to a really dynamic and beautifully written romance! I sat down to read the first chapter and ended up being unable to put it down until I had reached the end. I have read and enjoyed very much, Dance With The Enemy by this author! She has done her magic again! The thing I like most about Ms. Boulanger’s books, is that they hook you in right from the start and keep you there! I loved it so much! I got swept away and felt drawn to her two beautiful characters, Redahn and Mahryn. What a wonderful imagination this author has! I soon got hooked in their journey filled with hope and love! A real page turner! Beyond the Shadows is the beautiful story of two broken souls, Redahn and Mahryn. Their journey will be filled with hope, trust and lots of twists and turns! The hero, Redahn, may look and seem like an arrogant man, but underneath he is a sweet, patient and emotional man! He has no intentions of finding a wife, preferring to choose a maiden during the Dremis Celebration. However, his plan will change him forever. Mahryn is a stubborn, broken soul, serving her father like a puppet. Horrible visions still haunt her, leaving her with an unknown past. As they meet, Redahn feels like a protector toward Mahryn and their relationship will become complex with ups and downs. Together they will bond to find answers related to their own lives. Now our warrior is not sure of his own feelings towards Mahryn! We meet again, Tahruk and Elenya, from Dance With the Enemy. Beyond the Shadows is a fantastic tale of hope and romance! I strongly recommend Ms. Boulanger’s The Land of Riandus series! A must read!

Reviewer's Rating: 5 Stars | Content Rating: 5 Hearts | Reviewed by: Nicole Laverdure



In a time when men fought for their king, protected him and their families with might and sword, Redahn Sharanis questions his self-worth after losing strength in his arm due to a battle injury and botched surgery. He grows hard, maintaining a facade of bitterness and cynicism that only begins to chip away after he meets a woman at the annual gathering of the maidens who is smothered by her own shadows. Eighteen year old Mahryn's innocence is tarnished by the baggage of her past and now she's been thrown into the pool of beautiful maidens, whose sole purpose is to provide pleasure to the King's warriors. Knowing she was sent by her father when he could have made a good match for her opens a floodgate of questionable memories from her past. And if that wasn't enough, she manages to attract the attention of a man fighting his own battles-- a warrior who had been second only to his older brother, the King's finest, before he was wounded. But there's more to both of them. Lord Redahn is fiercely loyal and bound by his own code of honor . . . traits that Mahryn's presence brings out. She's stronger than any woman Redahn has ever known, which comes to light when her true past is exposed. Together they begin to help one another fit the puzzle pieces of their lives back into their right places, though the picture that results isn't something everyone wants to see.

Print Length: 210 pages

Publisher: TreasureLine Publishing

Publication Date: November 10, 2015

Format Read: E-Book | Source: Provided by the author or publisher


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