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A Reader's Opinion: WALTZING WITH THE EARL by Alanna Lucas

Believing he is cursed, Tristram, Lord Trevena, the Earl of Longstone, agrees to do just one favor for a friend, to dance with the man’s sister, but the beautiful and headstrong Isabel Albryght will settle for no less than claiming his lonely heart. A PROPHECY FORETOLD Raised by her doting older brother, Isabel Albryght grew up cosseted and protected. She enjoyed her life in the country, her books and her freedom. Then Weston married. Within months Isabel's best friend married. It seemed it was time for Isabel to marry, too, except, socially awkward and a bit too keen for most of the ton, she proceeded to have the most horrible season on record…until she was approached by Tristram, the Earl of Longstone. Two dances. That was all Tristram could offer anyone when considering his family curse, which had taken all he loved in the last ten years, so his promise to the beautiful Miss Albryght’s brother was simply that. The ton would soon see she was a desirable partner, her awkwardness would fade and other young swains would beat feet to her doorstep. But then he held her in his arms, and the delightful Isabel became his beating heart. Headstrong and full of passion, she believed she might waltz them away from Death. She alone could tempt him to try.


Tristram, Lord Traverna is the Earl of Longstone, and the last living member of his family. A curse and a waltz has Tristram cursing the fates. Believing that anyone he loves will come to a tragic death has him running away from what could be the love of his life.

Lady Isabel Albright is beautiful, kind-hearted, and loves the country and her books. She longs for love and family—the kind her brother and her best friends have found. Accepting a wager with her brother, Weston, that if she loses, she has a season. Wager lost, she has to endure the ton. Poor Isabel is socially awkward and nervous, not one of the ton's darlings, and she suffers through humiliating events.

Her brother, being the overprotective type, asks his best friend Lord Traverna to help. Only two dances should help and maybe change her luck. Lord Traverna is a lost man . . . that's all it took to loose his heart! Can he walk away from the woman of his dreams? Will Isabel let the only man that makes her heart come alive like the best book in the world? Can true love break the bonds of the curse?

Alanna Lucas pulls the heartstrings in this love story! Truly an enjoyable read. This is what true romance is—falling in love with love!

Reviewer's Rating: 4 1/2 Stars | Content Rating: 2 Hearts | Reviewed by: Maria Rose Dariotis

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