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A Reader's Opinion: Banished by Anna Markland

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Vikings evoke images of strong men who allow nothing to stand in their way. They're not normally associated with tender feelings. Wildflowers conjure more personal and sentimental images. In BANISHED, a handful of bluebells picked from a meadow by childhood sweethearts becomes a symbol and eventually an acknowledgement of a love long denied.

Audra longs to leave behind the life of an elite mercenary, a role forced on her after her father’s banishment from the Viking brotherhood. A journey from exile to the court of King Canute offers a new life, though she fears few men will want her once her history is known.

The bloody feud that precipitated her father’s banishment resurfaces when she is unexpectedly reunited with a childhood sweetheart. Sigmar has always held her heart, but he is the son of her father’s enemy. Sigmar’s hopes for advancement in Canute’s service will be dashed if he obeys the dictates of family honor.

Can Audra and Sigmar lay the hatreds of the past to rest, or will the Viking code of vengeance triumph? This novella first appeared in the anthology SIRENS OF THE NORTHERN SEAS.


Another great Viking adventure! BANISHED by Anna Markland, is the tale of a simple handful of Bluebells picked by Audra, the heroine and Sygmar, the hero, who both need to forget their pasts in order to move on with their lives. This short novella appeared in the anthology SIRENS OF THE NORTHERN SEAS. It's a beautiful Viking story filled with hope, passion and adventure. Who doesn't love Medieval romances? Banished is Audra and Sigmar's journey, which is filled with twists and turns! Audra only wants to forget her dark past as a mercenary and start a fresh new life. But she fears that men won't accept her with her secret past! Enters back in her life a long time sweetheart, Sigmar, the enemy's son. Their relationship is complicated, and almost impossible because both their families are feuding. Can Laura and Sigmar's love for each other bring back peace and harmony to these Viking families? Will destiny reunite these two beautiful souls? Anna Markland is an excellent storyteller and a talented writer of historical romances. This novella is action packed, very well written and documented with historical details that make this story simply fascinating to read. Lovers of Viking romances will love this short but captivating novella!


Format Read: E-Book

Book Source: Provided by the author or publisher

Reviewer's Rating: 5 Stars | Content Rating: 5 Hearts | Reviewed by: Nicole Laverdure

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