A Reader's Opinion: HIGHLANDER'S BRIDE by Joanne Wadsworth


One soul bound mate...one quest to find her. Year 1210, Scottish Highlands. Kidnapped as a wee lass by a fierce Highland chief, Kyla MacKenzie has been raised for the past twenty years as the chief’s foster daughter, the ruthless chief a man who threatened to kill her parents should she ever speak the truth about her abduction. The chief covets her fae blood and when she’s asked to tend to a captured enemy warrior and discovers they hold a soul bond, all her secrets could be exposed and her parents’ lives endangered. Warrior Ronan Matheson discovers his chosen one is the foster daughter of his clan’s greatest enemy, a lass he’s been searching for his entire life, although when his fellow warriors come to his rescue and he escapes from within the enemy’s walls, he must then turn around and find a way to get back in, and all without his actual identity being discovered. It’s time to bind his chosen one to him, and for her to learn all about her true clan. Theirs is a battle of lost love, of passion flaring hot and strong, and of a journey to bridge the gap between two warring clans.


Highlander’s Bride offers an interesting twist on Fae mythology. Filled with rich descriptions and a thorough history, you feel the wind and smell the sea, as though you are walking through the Highlands yourself. The writing is excellent and the story flows easily (after the prologue). My only complaints about this book are limited to two. The book began with a bit of a slow start. The extensive list of character’s left me a bit lost at times and the Prologue slowed down the flow of the story. However, once you jump into Chapter One, the story finds its rhythm. I was able to connect and sympathize with the two leads, Kyla and Ronan. There was no shortage of romance or action, and the drama of “What will happen next?” kept me turning the pages. If you are looking for an original spin on the Fae and Celts, this book is for you. I will mention that coming into this book, as a ‘new to the series’ reader, I found myself a little lost and a bit troubled to keep up. There is a large list of characters that clearly come from the author’s previous series, Clan Matheson. I do believe that it would be beneficial to read her previous series before jumping into this one. If I didn’t feel a bit lost from the start, I would have been better able to connect with the characters, and this would have been a five-star book! This story has time-travel, romance, passion, magic, and danger. I’d definitely recommend!

Reviewer's Rating: 4 Stars | Content Rating: 4 Hearts | Reviewed by: Veronica Moss



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