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THE GATHERING TABLE by Kathryn Springer - Food and Small Town Charm

Will Jess start to see that it’s not just what’s on the table that matters—it’s the people gathered round it. Enjoy a peek at Kathryn Springer's small-town novel, The Gathering Table.

THE GATHERING TABLE by Kathryn Springer

The Gathering Table

From USA TODAY bestselling author Kathryn Springer comes a tale of starting over when life takes an unexpected turn.

Winsome Lake, Wisconsin, is postcard-pretty, but for chef Jessica Keaton it’s also a last resort. Fired from her dream job, Jess is starting over as a live-in cook and housekeeper. When she arrives, she finds her new employer is in rehab after having a stroke, and Jess expects she’ll be all alone in Elaine Haviland’s quaint house. A chef with no one to cook for.

But instead, she encounters a constant stream of colorful visitors who draw her back into the world. As Jess contends with local teenagers, a group of scrappy women and a charming football coach, Elaine faces some battles of her own that extend past her physical challenges. For both of them, all the ingredients for a fulfilling life are within reach, if they’re willing to take a leap. And maybe Jess will start to see that it’s not just what’s on the table that matters—it’s the people gathered round it.

A must-read novel from Love Inspired: Stories to Uplift and Inspire.

Available in paperback at Walmart, or online from your favorite audio or e-book retailer.

Enjoy an Excerpt from

The Gathering Table

“Elaine has been with us at Sunrise since the beginning of June. There are several benchmarks a person needs to reach before we are comfortable sending them home. Elaine isn’t quite ready to be on her own yet, but we’d reached a compromise. If she hired someone to help around the house and continued with her physical therapy, I would support her decision to leave the center.

“Yesterday afternoon Elaine fell and fractured several ribs. She’s in a lot of pain at the moment, so we agreed it was in her best interest that she remain here a little while longer. Pneumonia is always a concern after a fall like this, and her body will need time to heal.”

Jess’s heart plummeted. “How much longer?”

“I can’t say for certain. It varies from patient to patient, but Elaine will call you as soon as she’s able,” Vanessa promised. “In the meantime, there’s a guest room upstairs and plenty to do while you wait.”

“She wants me to stay?” Jess must have misunderstood. “Here? In her house?”

“Of course.” Vanessa chuckled. “Elaine said, and this is a direct quote, ‘to make yourself at home.’”


Jess didn’t even know what the word meant. But a place to regroup…alone. It almost balanced out the electric stove.


“If you have any questions, feel free to call me,” Vanessa said. “Elaine’s cell was damaged when she fell, so I don’t mind passing messages back and forth for a while if necessary.”

“I… Thank you.”

“I’m happy to help,” the social worker said. “Everyone at Sunrise has grown quite fond of Elaine during her stay, and she mentioned how fortunate she was to find you.”

The irony left a bitter taste in Jess’s mouth.

Gwyneth had said the same thing…two hours before she’d told Jess to pack up her things and get out.

End of Excerpt.

Excerpt Copyright © Kathryn Springer. Shared with permission.

The Author

Author Kathryn Springer

Kathryn Springer grew up in a small town where her parents published a weekly newspaper. As a child, she spent hours sitting at her mother’s typewriter, plunking out stories, and credits her parents for instilling in her a love of reading – which turned into a desire to tell stories of her own.

Kathryn has written over thirty books and lives and writes on a lake in northern Wisconsin. She enjoys long walks in the woods and the change of seasons (although sometimes she wishes the “change” between winter and spring didn’t last quite so long!) When Kathryn isn’t at the computer, she’s spending time with family and friends, paging through cooking magazines or sitting in the sun. A really, really good day includes all three!

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Genre: Contemporary Small Town Romance

Publisher: Harlequin Love Inspired

Release: September 28, 2021

Type: Novel

Content Rating: Clean Read

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