Cross Waves by Amanda Uhl - "Action-Packed" - Excerpt

"Filled with suspense and intrigue, it is a fast-paced action-packed story that will entertain everyone who has a penchant for tales with super-normal protagonists fighting super-normal villains." — Reader's Favorite

Cross Waves by Amanda Uhl - The Mind Hackers Series

Cross Waves

She can kill with a thought.

Gifted with an explosive psychic talent, Geneva Ericksen can’t risk letting Rolf Jorgensen in her life. If she does, she might accidentally kill him. But when Rolf’s sister goes missing, Geneva and her extraordinary abilities may be his only hope to find her.

He’s hiding a deadly secret.

Rolf‘s not about to let Geneva slip away from him, even if it means protecting her from his dark gift. As Rolf and Geneva trail his sister, they soon uncover a life-threatening plot: someone is attempting to profit from stealing and trapping their power in crystals.

To outsmart the enemy, it will take all their combined strength. But can they trust each other enough to survive?

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In the author's words . . .

I’m not gonna lie. Cross Waves was not an easy book to write. It took me four years of editing and rewrites, working with some fantastic developmental and copy editors, to produce this book. My favorite part of the story is a character by the name of Caleb Stone who makes his appearance, seemingly out of nowhere, in the last third of the book. He’s such a fascinating character, a “creature of nighttime dreams and smoke and mirrors, a shadow of a man, more figment of imagination than flesh and blood.” I’ve had more than one advance reader tell me they can’t wait to read Caleb and Julia’s story, which will be the focus of book three in the series. Hope you enjoy the book! —Amanda Uhl

“As the story progresses, the tension builds and my heart was pounding in anticipation. I read it in one sitting. That's how good this book really of the best romances I have read in a long while.” — Goodreads Reviewer

Enjoy an Excerpt from

Cross Waves

“I’m tracing Julia now. If I don’t open my eyes in ten minutes, wake me up.”

He narrowed his eyes and frowned, but she’d already closed her own, so his look was wasted. What the hell did she mean, wake her up? Didn’t she wake up on her own? His heartbeat jig-jogged around in a mad beat. He glanced at the clock on the radio and began counting.

Sixty seconds. What did she see? His talent lurched forward inside him, and he gritted his teeth. He focused on the road ahead to keep his power contained.

Eight miles later, he stopped at a red light, eyeing the clock again. She’d been under seven minutes now. He tapped his fingers on the wheel, glancing at her still form while he waited for the light to change. Eight minutes. Shouldn’t she be waking up? Did she even breathe? The light changed, and he moved forward. Nine minutes.

“Enough.” He poked her side. “Geneva, wake up.”

Her body lay still as a corpse. Adrenaline drove a spike through his heart. He stomped on the brakes and veered off the road, then jammed the vehicle in park. He leaned across the seats and shook her shoulder, hard.

She didn’t stir.

“Geneva, wake up. Now.” No reaction. His heart did a wild dance, and power broke loose from its chain, rising toward the surface of his mind.

He unsnapped his seatbelt, gripped her shoulders, and focused on her mind, searching for a hole in her defenses. He found one and blasted through it.

A thousand twinkling lights sparkled and stunned his senses. They rotated through her mind in quick succession: deep oranges, vibrant reds, soft yellows. Her heartbeat drummed in time with the steady glow of the lights. She gasped for oxygen.

“Let go.” He took control of her mind, forcing air into her starved lungs.

She gasped, the sound scraping his insides raw. A sharp ache pounded his temple. Inside her mind, the lights dimmed. Her power shifted, some part of her brain recognizing the intrusion as she came to consciousness. The dark colors took on shades of gray.


His heart leaped in his chest. “It’s about time. What the hell happened to you?” He clutched her shoulders and pulled her toward him. “My God.”

Geneva jerked in his arms, probably stunned he held her. But he couldn’t let go. Not yet. Not until he knew she was safe.

She cleared her throat. “There were so many colors.” Her voice sounded weak…shell-shocked. “I couldn’t make them stop. They kept coming at me, over and over. I tried to dilute them, but…I got lost. I couldn’t figure out how to resurface.”

Fear thickened his throat. He pulled her closer. He clenched his jaw and tried to keep his worry and anger inside, but they wouldn’t be contained. “Don’t you ever do that to me again.”

“Mmmfh.” Geneva twisted in his arms. “Let me go.” She managed to lift her head from where he’d smashed it into his shoulder. “What’s the matter with you? Why are you shouting?”

Rolf loosened his grip but did not let go. Energy surged and writhed toward her light, a mad bid for freedom. Heat exploded through his body, and he tilted her chin until their eyes met. “You could have died.”

Excerpt Copyright © Amanda Uhl. Shared/posted with permission.

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Note: Audiobook is coming soon — narrated by the author.

Meet the Author

Author Laurie Winter

Amanda Uhl has always had a fascination with the mystical. Having drawn her first breath in a century home rumored to be haunted, you might say she was "born" into it. After a brief stint in college as a paid psychic, Amanda graduated with a bachelor of fine arts in theatre and a master's degree in marketing. Over the past twenty years, she has worked as an admissions representative and graphic designer, owned her own freelance writing company, and managed communications for several Fortune 500 companies, most recently specializing in cyber security.

Amanda is an avid reader and writes fast-paced, paranormal romantic suspense and humorous contemporary romance from her home in Cleveland, Ohio. When she's not reading or writing, you can find Amanda with her husband and three children, gathering beach glass on the Lake Erie shoreline or biking in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.