A Splendid Boy by Melanie Martin - A Reader's Opinion

A Splendid Boy by Melanie Martin

A Reader's Opinion

It is the most touching story I have ever read!

A Splendid Boy, written by talented storyteller, Melanie Martin, is a captivating and very touching story of two beautiful souls who became heroes at the Battle of the Somme during the First World War. Their love for each other was so powerful that it survived the horrors and atrocities of the war. I'm overwhelmed with emotions, and I even cried during certain passages.A Splendid Boyis a little gem to discover!

In the summer of 1914, two young people—Daniel and Emma—fell in love. To save his family from financial problems, Daniel leaves Emma and enlists in the Newfoundland Regiment to be sent to England to battle in war. Discovering he is gone, she enlists in the Voluntary Aid Detachment in hope of finding him alive among the chaos of wartime. In 1916, they meet for a brief moment, never to see each other again! Can their love to be strong enough to give them a second chance, against all odds?

As soon as I started to read this touching story, I immediately got pulled into Daniel and Emma's beautiful journey of hope! Ms. Martin's research is well detailed and well written. This author is a very descriptive writer. I really enjoyed this dramatic story!

Book Description

A Royal Newfoundland Regiment Love Story

In the summer of 1914, Daniel Beresford’s innocent love affair with the merchant’s daughter is discovered, forcing him to make an impossible decision to save his family from financial ruin. When news of the First World War reaches Middle Tickle, Daniel, who is torn between his love for Emma Tavenor and his responsibility to his family, enlists in the Newfoundland Regiment and departs for training.

When Emma learns her father is to blame for Daniel’s unexplained departure, she follows him to England, hoping they’ll be reunited. Yet on the voyage, she discovers the regiment has been called up and is already engaged in battle. She realizes her only hope of finding Daniel is to join the Voluntary Aid Detachment and make her way to the Western Front.

In 1916, on the eve of the Battle of the Somme, Emma and Daniel are reunited for a single, impassioned night near Beaumont-Hamel. Can the love they share survive the barriers of class and the horrors of battle? Or are their lives fated to join what would later be called a lost generation?

Content Rating: 3 Hearts | Reviewed by: Nicole Laverdure


Historical Fiction | Pub: May 27, 2016 | 280pp | Flanker Press

Format Read: Paperback | Source: Provided by the author or publisher

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