Excerpt from HOUSE OF DARK ENVY by Juli D. Revezzo

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

"I had no clue how the story or mystery was going to end. Overall there are great twists and turns . . . I would actually love to read more from this author." ~ Night Owl Reviews

HOUSE OF DARK ENVY by Juli D. Revezzo


When Sarahjane attends Lady Morville’s costume party, she never expects to learn her old beau Felix Gryffith is under the illustrious woman’s patronage and stands on the cusp of making a world-changing discovery. Felix, whose lies disgraced her in the eyes of the London elite by labeling her a flirt. Felix’s love for Sarahjane has never wavered, despite the scandal that forced them apart. He’s desperate to tell her the truth, if he can convince her to listen. Fate lurked in the shadows that night, years ago. Has it returned to grant Sarahjane and Felix their wishes, or terrorize them?


Genre: Historical Romance | Heat Level: 2 Hearts



from House of Dark Envy

Turning her gaze to the rainy sky, Sarahjane cursed under her breath… The countess hadn’t chosen her dates well. At this rate, her partygoers would drown before they made it home.

“…It’s been a pleasure to spend the evening with you.”

Oh, no! Was that Felix’s voice? If it was, that would be a perfect ending to the night.

Life would’ve been better if not for Felix Griffyth.

Sarahjane had never liked the stuck up excuse for a young man—well, not for a long time.

When she’d kissed him and professed her love, he’d done nothing to prove himself a gentleman. Sarahjane blushed, remembering the feel of his warm hands on her skin.

And how he’d brushed her off and laughed when he told his friends about the ease with which he’d seduced her.

Sarahjane ground her teeth. She’d loved him, after all, had intended to give him another kiss. But then, he took their first kiss public.

The memory of the incident burned in her throat like bile. Considering the man’s voice, she realized it didn’t sound quite right. Deeper, definitely. No, he couldn’t be her Felix.

Noises from the other side of the door reminded her she had a task to fulfill. Then she could collect her prize and be gone. Where to begin?

Orange ribbons fluttered in the breeze and drew her attention to a massive stone flowerpot gracing the porch.

Surely, the hostess wouldn’t hide the scavenger hunt’s grand prize here…

Laughter sounded from somewhere behind and a deep voice, “Bloody awful night!”

The voice sounded like Felix’s, but it couldn’t be him, could it? She wasn’t sure she wanted to know or risk a confrontation. Not tonight. But he stood between her and the safe interior of Lady Morville’s mansion.

Sarahjane glanced at the cabs in the street. She’d do anything to avoid running into him—even leave the party.

Excerpt from HOUSE OF DARK ENVY by Juli D. Revezzo

Could she run fast enough to evade him? No. A cab would have to do, though, none of these was hers. No one would mind if she hid out in one for a moment.

Hoping not to trip and embarrass herself, she darted toward one, and slipped inside.

Silence but for the tap of light rain met her here.

Sarahjane shut the door and sighed relief.

Not a moment later, the cab door opened. Sarahjane blinked into the sudden light.

“Any ghosts in here?” a deep voice asked.

Streetlights and moonlight obscured the new arrival’s face. “I’m sorry,” she said, “this cab is taken.” Sarahjane decided to play along. “Boo.”

“Ah, yes, I was right,” the man said. “Ghosts aplenty.”

“You won’t find much else out tonight.”

“Then, I’d best hide here where it’s safe,” he said and surprised Sarahjane by slipping into the cab and slamming the door.

“I say!”

“You say what?” he asked.

Face tinged with makeup, and wearing strange, thick spectacles of deep dark glass, he resembled some futuristic magician.

Something magnetic shivered over her skin when their gazes met. “I told you, this cab is mine,” Sarahjane said. “Find your own.”

“And let down Lady Morville? I think not,” he said.

“What’s a Lady Morville?” she asked. “Is it tasty?”

The man choked back a laugh. “A more delicious dish for a hungry ghost, you’ll never meet. May I know your name, my lady?”

What could she say? If there was a reason she recognized his voice, he might know her already…

Sarahjane sucked in a quick breath. The subtle scent of his aftershave held a note she recognized. Did he use the same brand as her father’s? The aroma seemed spicy and foreign. Yet, she could swear her acquaintance with it started long before her trip across the English Channel.




Author Juli D. Revezzo

Juli D. Revezzo loves fantasy and Celtic mythology and writing stories with all kinds of fantastical elements. She is the author of the historical romances, House of Dark Envy, Watchmaker's Heart, and Lady of the Tarot, the Antique Magic paranormal series and Celtic Stewards Chronicles series and more. She is also a member of the Independent Author Network and the Magic Appreciation Tour.

To learn more about this and future releases, visit her at julidrevezzo.com.



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