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A Reader's Opinion: ROYALLY ENTITLED by Melody Delgado

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

ROYALLY ENTITLED by Melody Delgado


What a charming story! ROYALLY ENTITLED is a happily-ever-after story in the making. Anika Penning is young and in need of a husband to help her family financially, even it if it's a man she doesn't want to marry. Prince Valdemar is the grandson of Queen Marguerite, and heir of the fictional country of Brevalia. He's spent the years preparing himself to take the throne, but an unexpected encounter with Anika. They form a friendship that can't go further because she is untitled, and Prince Valdemar must marry according to his station. There are those who want to drive them apart, but of course, love has a way of winning against evil in this delightful fairy-tale style story.

I don't normally enjoy younger characters in historical romance, but Anika was a really fun character with depth. The story started off with good pacing and kept going to the end. There were some twists to the plot that kept the story interesting. There were times when this felt more like a young adult novel, but it can easily be enjoyed by adults who like clean romance. I found myself cheering for Anika and Valdemar and liked them to the end. ROYALLY ENTITLED is enchanting!

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars | Content Rating: 1 Heart | Reviewed by: Kaylie Morgan



When her family’s cider business is ruined and other local businesses are vandalized, Anika Penning wonders if the recent bout of unrest is merely a result of rivalry between local merchants and noblemen or if something more sinister is at the root of the recent crimes. Along her journey Anika befriends Prince Valdemar, future king of Brevalia but their relationship hits many twists and turns along the way. Lady Winifred Paxel Flemming pursues the prince relentlessly. His grandmother, Queen Marguerite, expects him to wed whoever she thinks is suitable, even if it means marrying a foreign princess he’s never met. Anika’s mother, Lady Sarah, wants Anika to help ease the family’s financial burdens by marrying Erland Riccats, National Chairman of the Merchants’ Guild. Lady Sarah also harbors secrets regarding Prince Valdemar’s mother, Princess Karin, who met an untimely death years before. In the end, will both Anika and Prince Valdemar be forced into loveless mar-riages, or will they be able to outwit their enemies?

Genre: Historical Romance | Pub Date: May 15, 2017 | Page count: 390pp | Publisher: Clean Reads

Format Read: E-Book | Source: Provided by the author or publisher

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