A Reader's Opinion: A SCARLET WOMAN by Lorna Peel

Updated: Feb 3, 2020



A powerful Irish love story! The moment I saw the cover of Lorna Peel's novel, A SCARLET WOMAN, I knew I had to read it. Ms. Peel is a new-to-me author and she didn't disappoint with this fabulous tale set in Ireland. She nicely blended her characters and Irish history together to create a captivating love story. I really enjoyed this introduction to the Fitzgeralds of Dublin series; what a beautiful surprise! I simply could not put it down and I will surely watch for her next novel. Set in Dublin, Ireland in 1880, A SCARLET WOMAN tells the heart warming and touching story of Dr. Will Fitzgerald and Isobel Stevens, two beautiful souls trying to escape a difficult journey of ups and downs. Will left his father's medical practice to offer his help in the Liberties, a poverty-stricken area of Dublin. Isobel is a sweet young woman abused by the men in the past and who had to work in a brothel if she wanted to survive. Then one day, Will, the doctor, and Isobel, a scarlet woman, meet and their lives will forever change for the best. Upon Will's advice, Isobel finds work as a parlour maid where she is happier, but still very much afraid of getting hurt again. Still, they correspond by letters and their new friendship evolves to a loving and caring relationship. However, a series of dramatic events will occur and disrupt their lives. Can their fragile love survive? Is it strong enough to give them a second chance? Will and Isobel are so beautiful together that I could not help myself from loving them and wishing them all the happiness in the world. Yes, I'm a romantic! I'm so glad to have discovered this author! I love her style of writing, and her words flow off the pages and ignite the imagination. A SCARLET WOMAN is a real page turner, and I have no doubt that lovers of Irish tales will adore this story!

Rating: 5 Stars | Content Rating: 5 Hearts | Reviewed by: Nicole Laverdure


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Dublin, Ireland, 1880. Tired of treating rich hypochondriacs, Dr. Will Fitzgerald left his father’s medical practice and his home on Merrion Square to live and practice medicine in the Liberties. His parents were appalled and his fiancée broke off their engagement. But when Will spends a night in a brothel on the eve of his best friend’s wedding, little does he know that the scarred and disgraced young woman he meets there will alter the course of his life. Isobel Stevens was schooled to be a lady, but a seduction put an end to all her father’s hopes for her. Disowned, she left Co Galway for Dublin and fell into prostitution. On the advice of a handsome young doctor, she leaves the brothel and enters domestic service. But can Isobel escape her past and adapt to life and the chance of love on Merrion Square? Or will she always be seen as a scarlet woman?

Genre: Historical Romance | Pub Date: September 6, 2017

Format Read: E-Book | Source: Provided by the author or publisher


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