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A Reader's Opinion: CLAIMED BY THE BOUNTY HUNTER by Emma Prince

Updated: Feb 4, 2020



Adventure and steamy romance come together in CLAIMED BY THE BOUNTY HUNTER! Emma Prince is a new author for me and I so much enjoy a good Highland romance, so I was excited to try this book. Set during the time of Robert the Bruce, CLAIMED BY THE BOUNTY HUNTER follows Kirk MacLeod and Lillian Fitzhugh's journey across the Highlands. Kirk is requested, except it's really more of an order, by Bruce to basically become a double-agent and spy on a group of mercenaries who kill and kidnap women, children, and sympathizers with the Scottish cause. When he infiltrates the group, he's given a contradictory order to kidnap Lillian. From there, he must decide if his mission is more important than the attraction and affection he feels for Lillian. It's a touch cliche in places, but I still enjoyed Kirk and Lillian's adventures and romantic spark.

CLAIMED BY THE BOUNTY HUNTER is a story of murder, secrets, and lies, and it's a nice escape and fun read. Fans of Highland romance novels are sure to enjoy the writings of Emma Prince.

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars | Content Rating: 5 Hearts | Reviewed by: Kaylie Morgan


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To protect his cover, he must claim her as his captive. To save her own life, she must claim his heart… A gruesome siege destroys Kirk MacLeod’s faith in the Scottish fight for independence. Robert the Bruce promises to release Kirk from his service if he completes one final assignment: infiltrate the deadly bounty hunter league that has thwarted the Scots’ cause for years. Kirk plays the part of a cold-blooded mercenary almost too well. But when the league orders him to kidnap a beautiful Englishwoman, he must choose between following his mission and following his heart. Lillian Fitzhugh’s late husband leaves her with a powerful secret—one that has men willing to capture and kill for it. When she’s taken by Kirk, a ruthless Highland bounty hunter set to deliver her to the men who murdered her husband, she fears all is lost. But she senses that beneath her captor’s hardened exterior lies the heart of an honorable man. To gain her freedom, she must unravel the truth of Kirk’s identity. In doing so, she ensnares them both in a dangerous web of desire and secrets that may cost them both their lives.

Genre: Historical Highland Romance | Pub Date: April 3, 2017 | Page count: 381 pp

Format Read: E-Book | Source: Provided by the author or publisher


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