A Reader's Opinion: THE TAKING OF IRELAND by Anna Markland




Absolutely spellbinding! Anna Markland did an amazing job with The Taking of Ireland. Written with words that flew off the pages, this fantastic Irish tale really pleased me! It grabbed my attention from the first page until the very end. It felt like a new breath of fresh air . . . This author never disappoints me! If you love a story filled with myths, Irish history, facts and legends, magic and sorcery, this novella will please you. A fascinating Irish tale that will surely captivate your heart! The Taking of Ireland tells the story of Aislinn, a beautiful woman, a prophetess, and a sorceress with special abilities, and Sibràn, a prince from Galicia. Both their worlds will collide with force! Sibràn is on a journey of revenge when he encounters Aislinn. However, when he meets her she is still a slave under the magic and influence of the tyrant king, Moqorr. Aislinn was thought to obey her king, but another man has invaded her life and fascinates her. During their perilous journey of twists and turns, strange and unexpected events occurs around Aislinn and Sibràn. Will the prince discover her secrets? While spending time together and sharing secrets, their new friendship evolves into a beautiful passion of trust. Will they ever get free of the evil Moqorr? Will she finally find freedom and peace in the arms of Sibràn? Will love conquer all? I loved the special ending that was written with words filled with tenderness and care!

Star Rating: 5 Stars | Content Rating: 5 Hearts | Reviewed by: Nicole Laverdure


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Long ago, in a time of myth, a prince sailed from Galicia to Inisfail seeking revenge for the murder of his uncle by the High King… Sibrán expects to encounter an opposing army but instead is greeted by a beautiful woman who appears to be accompanied only by her faithful wolfhound. Aislinn bids him welcome, but he suspects she is a sorceress sent to kill him by the very king he plans to slay. As they journey to the Fort of Kings, events prove that Aislinn does indeed possess powers beyond those of an ordinary human, yet he cannot deny he is inexorably drawn to her. He believes Destiny has brought him to Inisfail, but can he persuade Aislinn that she too is destined to play a role in the establishment of a new kingdom? Or will she remain forever the slave of the tyrant Moqorr who claims to be King of the Otherworld as well as Inisfail? Perhaps they are all under the evil king’s spell.

Genre: Romance - Historical with Paranormal Elements

Type: Novella

Print Length: 155 pages

Publication Date: January 10, 2017

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