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A Reader's Opinion: LOVE'S NEW BEGINNING by Dorothy Wiley


Wilderness Hearts Book 1



Love's New Beginning is a beautiful tale of unimaginable tragedy and one man's story of love and courage. Daniel Alexander Armitage has suffered so much after losing his family to Yellow Fever. That loss is compounded by a terrible lie finally confessed by his mother in her last moments—his father is not who he thought. Daniel is a wonderful character who must go on a journey both of discovery and love, but journeys can sometimes be dangerous. Ann Byrd is a beautiful spitfire who has captivated Daniel's heart and soul. I thought Daniel "Bear" MacKay was a wonderful surprise, and the bond between him and Daniel is undeniable and their moments full of smiles and tears. The characters you're supposed to love are loveable and the ones you're supposed to dislike are despicable.

There's plenty to keep the reader turning the pages in Love's New Beginning. Sacrifice and love go hand-in-hand in this captivating historical romance. This is a light and clean read that keeps a steady pace, and leaves readers wanting more from the author.

Star Rating: 4 1/2 Stars | Content Rating: 3 Hearts | Reviewed by: Kaylie Morgan


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It's 1800 Philadelphia, and the city cowers before a mysterious killer—Yellow Fever. Daniel Armitage and his family are respected members of Philadelphia society. But their status cannot save Daniel's loved ones. His entire family succumbs to the horrifying disease. His mother's startling deathbed confession, shakes Daniel to his soul. Another man is really his father. She makes Daniel promise that he will find his father so he won't be alone. He has no interest in finding the man, but his love for his mother makes Daniel keep that promise. His search takes him all the way to Kentucky—the edge of the frontier—a land of incomparable beauty. Seeking a father with a different last name, he is now considered an illegitimate bastard and is scorned by everyone, even himself. Except for the people who matter the most—his true father Daniel "Bear" MacKay and Ann Byrd, a young woman who values her freedom and scorns society's expectations. Captivated by her beauty and fierce independence, Daniel seeks to court Ann, a colonel's daughter. But her father won't allow her near a man born out of wedlock. The humiliation of illegitimacy subjects Daniel to social and legal discrimination. And ruthless, back-stabbing Charles Snyder, is obsessed with having Ann for himself. Snyder terrorizes Daniel's new family and the entire town. Bear's act of unequivocal love grants Daniel a chance for happiness. But only Ann's courage can save it.

Love's New Beginning, a gripping historical saga, set on the romantic American frontier, is Book One in Wiley's Wilderness Hearts Series. A breathtaking tale of a young man's redemption, Wiley skillfully entwines the themes of recovery from loss and unconditional love within a thrilling and poignant love story in this stunning historical romance.

Series: Wilderness Hearts Romances

Paperback: 306 pages

Publisher: Dorothy Wiley

Published: September 23, 2016

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