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A Reader's Opinion: LOVE AND THE SHAMELESS LADY by Barbara Monajem


A Scandalous Kisses Novel


A real page turner! Emotionally suspenseful Regency novel! Barbara Monajem is a new author for me. Therefore, I didn't know what to expect of her book, Love and the Shameless Lady. What a beautiful surprise! Now I know for sure that I'll check her next book! This novel has a plot so intriguing that I kept turning page after page, and it kept my interest until the end. It's a wonderful historical tale filled with suspense, emotion, humor, and of course romance. This author did not disappoint me! It tells the story of Daisy and Julian. Daisy, a disgraced lady, is resigned to work at a inn during the day while at night, writes romantic stories with a spicy touch! Julian is the perfect gentleman, and a scholar excelling in espionage. While investigating to find smugglers, he meets Daisy and soon becomes very intrigued by this mysterious woman. When he discovers that her life is being threatened, he will try to protect her by gaining her trust. Is the death threat that Daisy received related to the stories she wrote? As time goes by, they will share secrets that will create a stronger relationship that could bloom to love. Sparks flare all over! Some scenes sizzle! Beautiful chemistry between Daisy and Julian! I really enjoyed Love and the Shameless Lady! I haven’t read her two previous stories in her Scandalous Kisses series. Can it be read as a standalone? Yes, definitely! I will surely watch her next books!

Star Rating: 5 Stars | Content Rating: 5 Hearts | Reviewed by: Nicole Laverdure



Disgraced lady Daisy Warren serves ale in a tumbledown inn, sings crude songs for the smugglers, and writes romantic novels in her spare time. Shunned by her own class, she’s resigned to her lowly life—until someone tries to kill her. Gentleman spy Sir Julian Kerr noses out seditionists and traitors. When he visits the inn to investigate two suspicious Frenchmen, he meets the lovely but hostile Daisy. He doesn’t intend to get involved with her—but then he learns that someone is threatening her life. He wants to find out more—it’s part of his investigation. He wants to protect her—he’s a chivalrous man. He wants her. But will Daisy’s bitter past allow her to risk love again?

Print Length: 248 pages

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing, LLC

Publication Date: November 9, 2016

Format Read: E-Book | Source: Provided by the author or publisher.


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