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A Reader's Opinion: SINCE ALL IS PASSING by Elizabeth Delisi


Marie was the child's only hope.


No brakes allowed on this ride! Since All Is Passing has you going at full throttle with no sign of slowing down. So much happens in the first few pages and chapters: accidents, death, and kidnappings. "Oh, my!" I devoured this book, and I'm chomping at the bits to read more from Elizabeth Delisi. Even though the story deals with heavy topics such as, death, grief, kidnapping, being a victim, etc., Ms. Delisi adds little touches of humor that jump out and surprise you. The humor lightens what could be a very dark and grim story. You mainly find the humor in the witty banter between Marie and Officer Chris.

Officer Chris is a handsome, protective, and caring man with a great work ethic. Chris's determination at work does cause some conflict between him and Marie, but that is all thrown out the window when he realizes she's in danger. Marie is a little broken down by life and grief, but she is a strong, funny, and do-right woman. Marie's convictions to do the right thing are the reason she ends up on a one-woman rescue mission to save a kidnapped child.

I loved the blossoming relationship between Marie and Chris. It was a light in the center of a grief-stricken black hole. The story is clean, but beware! There are a couple of scenes where the bad guy tries to hurt Marie, but they're not too graphic. The ending had me sighing with relief and happiness that the horror was over and new beginnings could be seen in the horizon. Since All Is Passing will delight those who love a smidgen of romance with their fast-paced, suspenseful thrillers!

Star Rating: 5 Stars | Content Rating: 2 Hearts | Reviewed by: Rose Milligan



When Marie Kenning witnesses the kidnapping of a child, she relives the horror of the death of her own child and husband. Officer Chris Whitley takes on the case—and an interest in Marie—but evidence quickly indicates the child is dead. Days later, Marie stumbles across the kidnapper and his very-much-alive victim. Unable to convince the man she loves of the truth, Marie sets out alone on a dangerous cross-country mission to save the child.

Print Length: 163 pages

Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing

Publication Date: May 18, 2016

Format Read: E-Book | Source: Provided by the author or publisher.


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