A Mountain Man's Redemption by Christi Corbett

Please welcome author Christi Corbett who joins us as part of our Montana Author Month. Montana fiction written by authors who have lived in or spent a significant amount of time in the state.

Christi answers the question . . . What do you love most about the time you’ve spent in Montana?

My husband and I and our twins lived in Great Falls, Montana. It's an amazing city. There were so many things to do with our twins—we especially loved the Charles Russell museum, specifically seeing his actual painting studio—as well as even more areas to explore once we left the city limits.

Montana is a huge state filled with things to do and see, and during our time there we managed to show our twins a lot! Our favorite experience was visiting the First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park in Ulm and then driving by the field filled with prairie dogs as far as the eye could see. We made some great family memories at that park!

I've included a photo from one of our visits to the buffalo jump. I took this picture as I followed my husband (on the right), his brother, and our twins as we all walked along the jump's ridgeline. Our twins are between them, enjoying the sights and sounds of the day.

I enjoyed living in Great Falls so much that I set my third book, A Mountain Man's Redemption, in and around the city.

The above image is from the author of her family at First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park. Visit the author at https://christicorbett.wordpress.com.


by Award-Winning Author Christi Corbett

Eighteen years ago, Philip Grant—overcome with regret for what he couldn’t foresee and memories of what he couldn’t prevent—abandoned all to live the solitary life of a fur trapper. Years spent roaming ridgelines and riverbanks in Montana Territory left his body weary and his confidence weak, so he decides to turn in his last bundle of furs and await the inevitable in a cabin. Alone.

Then a body-shaped lump wrapped in a quilt changes everything.

Philip discovers a battered woman and her infant son, on the run from a ruthless abuser with a penchant for whiskey. Seventy miles of snow-covered mountain peaks and windswept flatlands stand between them and safety—the woman’s aunt’s house.

Can Philip trust in his newfound faith to lead the way?

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