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A Reader's Opinion: ENCHANTED BY THE EARL by Amanda Mariel


Will Rose and Hunter overcome their differences and embrace true love?

Fabled Love, Book One


Charming and sweet! Enchanted by the Earl is the classic tale of a young lady betrothed to an evil man and rescued by an honorable man! Amanda Mariel has written a beautiful introduction for her new Fabled Love series. It’s a short and romantic novella to enjoy! It tells the story of Rose, who has lost both her parents and is threaten by Mr. Wolfe, a man who only wants her for her possessions. He will even go as far as to have someone forge documents and use them against Rose. Enters in her life, Hunter, who will do anything in his power to prevent Wolfe to cause anymore pain to Rose. She simply doesn’t want to marry Wolfe. But, now as she is reduced to being a seamstress, will she get a chance to have her dream come true in the arms of a true gentleman? Will Hunter deal with Wolfe’s threats? Can Rose be free again? Is there hope for Rose and Hunter to be happy? The plot is well developed with twists and turns. Enchanted by the Earl is a light historical classic romance set during the Regency era. If you love fairy tales that ends with a “they lived happily ever after” then you are in for a treat! Watch for her next story, Captivated By the Captain.

Reviewer's Rating: 4 Stars | Content Rating: 2 Hearts | Reviewed by: Nicole Laverdure


Format Read: E-Book | Source: Provided by the author or publisher


Will Rose and Hunter overcome their differences and embrace true love? Rose Woodcourt, a poor seamstress, is too proud to accept help, even when her home and freedom are threatened by the nefarious Mr. Wolfe. Especially not from Hunter Thorne, a titled gentleman far above her station. Earls only court common misses for one reason, and Rose has no interest in being a wealthy man’s mistress--however handsome and charming he may be. Hunter is an honorable man; he refuses to turn his back on the spirited beauty regardless of how hard she pushes him away. As Mr. Wolfe’s threats evolve into actions Rose has little choice but to turn to Hunter. Can the pair put an end to Wolfe’s nefarious deeds before Rose loses everything she holds dear, including her freedom?

Print Length: 112 pages

Publication Date: August 5, 2016

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