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Please note that our blog schedule fills up 2-3 months in advance (only applies to blog submissions, not review requests, new releases, and covers). We appreciate your patience for the next available date.

We are 100% committed to providing authors with free promo options, even if we add fee-based options in the future, and will get creative with more offerings based on what our volunteers can handle. 


We try to keep our process easy and have created the submission form to ensure we don't miss any information vital to making your post shine. Please continue reading for details.​

Your Options

  • You may submit an excerpt, guest post, or character interview using the form below. 

  • Author interviews are currently only available if part of a hosted blog tour or for ongoing contributors. This is primarily because they are a popular feature for blog tours and we like to give our readers some variety.

  • You may submit book releases for the release page and book covers for the monthly cover contest from those respective pages. 

  • The Author Resources page features links to companies that offer good and affordable blog tours, cover design, author websites, and other publicity services. 

  • NOTE: Both traditional and self-published authors are welcome to submit posts. Please keep in mind that self-published books must be professionally edited and covers should look professional. For the sake of our readers, we reserve the right to not post any content when the quality is in question.

Post Options

Guest Post

This is a standard guest post relating to your writing or your featured book. You may find a list of guest post topic ideas by clicking here. You may also select your own topic so long as it would be of something of interest to readers. 

Excerpt Post

This is our most common post and features an excerpt from your book. For these posts, your excerpt may be up to 700 words long. Even if your book contains language and graphic content, the excerpt must not contain swearing or sex scenes, even if the book has such scenes. Any excerpt submitted with swearing or sex will not be posted.

Character Interview

Is one of your characters itching to be heard without you standing in their way? They've come to the right place. Character interview questions would be created by the author to suit the character and their story. 


  • Before you upload images to the form, be sure the images aren't too large. We recommend compressing large images using https://tinypng.com. It's free, easy, and makes our volunteers happy. 

  • Did you know that submissions with graphics are posted faster than those without? That's because less work for our volunteers means they can schedule your post quicker. We recommend Canva or BookBrush to create easy graphics. These are smart to have anyway for your own marketing efforts. We always provide the cover graphic.