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Do you have a new release or guest post you'd like to share with readers? You may submit your information via the form below. Please keep in mind that only entries that are 100% complete will be considered for posting. Submissions to the blog are always free.


  • In addition to the blog, posts are automatically shared on Facebook, Instagram, and most of the time on Pinterest. Authors are strongly encouraged to share those postings on their own pages and feeds. 

  • If you have a specific date you'd like your entry posted, please be sure to submit your information two (2) months in advance. If your posting date is flexible, you may submit at any time and we post on the next available date. While we can't guarantee your posting date, we do our best to accommodate new releases.

  • NOTE: Both traditional and self-published authors are welcome to submit posts. Please keep in mind that self-published books must be professionally edited and covers should look professional. For the sake of our readers, we reserve the right to not post any content when the quality is in question.

  • PLEASE submit only one feature at a time.


Authors, publishers, author assistants, blog tour hosts, or publicists may submit information on behalf of the author.

If you'd like to request an author interview, CLICK HERE.

If you'd like to submit your book for review consideration, PENDING.

We reserve the right not to feature any book, or other content, that does not meet quality publishing standards in terms of editing and cover design. Submission of an article or blog post is not a guarantee that it will be posted.

Post Options

Guest Post

This is a standard guest post relating to your writing or your featured book. You may find a list of guest post topic ideas by clicking here. You may also select your own topic so long as it would be of something of interest to readers.

Excerpt Post

This is our most common post, and features an excerpt from your book. For these posts, your excerpt may be up to 700 words long and will be featured on a regular post date. Even if your book contains language and graphic content, the excerpt must not contain swearing or sex scenes, even if the book has such scenes. Any excerpt submitted with swearing or sex will not be posted.

Cover Reveal

Are you ready to share your new book cover with world? We're happy to help! We recommend a cover reveal at least one month before your release date, but no less than three weeks out. To increase the chances that your cover reveal will be posted, be sure that it is professional and tasteful in both design and appearance.

Top Ten Lists

If you choose this option, be creative and make sure the post reflects something about you as an author and person.

Author or Character Interview

Readers love to get to know authors, and an interview is a great way for an author to give their readers a glimpse into their writing process, life, hobbies, travels, and personality. These questions also work if you're an audiobook narrator. If you're an author seeking to be interviewed, please follow the steps below.


1) Download our Guest Author Interview Sheet. This will provide you with a list of potential interview questions, though authors are welcome to provide their own. We do expect your interview to be free of obvious errors and appropriate for all audiences.


2) Return to this page and submit your interview using the form below. Voila! 

Is one of your characters itching to be heard without you standing in their way? They've come to the right place. Character interview questions would be created by the author, or you can modify some of the author interview questions. 

Is there any reason why my post might not be published?

We hope that every post submitted will be published on this blog. However, the readers deserve quality content, and we do our best to give that to them. As such, we do have a few situations where we may not publish your post.

  • Poor editing of the post or excerpt. We do understand that guest posts may not be edited by a bonafide editor, and that's okay, but we do expect the author to know the difference between a comma and period, and how to use their computer's spell check function. There are also a number of online editing tools.

  • Your book does not fit within any of the genres we feature.

  • Your book cover does not look professional. We get it, cover design can get expensive when self-publishing, but it all comes down to quality and what the readers deserve.

  • Your post or excerpt contains swearing. Your book may have swearing and steamy scenes, but the content posted on this blog must be kept G or PG rated for general audiences.

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