The Elusive Flame

by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

The Book

A woman in desperate straits . . . A fearless man . . . A marriage of convenience on turbulent waters . . .

Cerynise Kendall has been left destitute and in dire need following the death of her doting patron and protectress. A brilliant young artist tossed from her home with only the clothes on her back, Cerynise must now turn to a childhood companion for assistance - the dashing sea captain Beauregard Birmingham and beg him to provide her with passage to the Carolinas. She seeks a new home and a new life across the waters, but all depends upon the kindness of a charming adventurer who was once the object of her youthful infatuation.

Beneath Birmingham′s rugged exterior beats a heart as large and wild as the Atlantic, and Beau readily agrees to aid Cerynise - even offering her his name in marriage, albeit temporarily, to protect his long time friend from scandal. But perilous secrets, determined enemies and tempests of the sea and soul threaten their future and safe passage even as bonds of camaraderie are miraculously reforged as bonds of desire ... and affection becomes passion and love.

Publisher: Avon

The Elusive Flame by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

A Reader's Opinion 

The Elusive Flame brings us together with the handsome offspring off Brandon and Heather Birmingham from The Flame and the Flower. When reading this story, I felt reunited with old friends, except I must admit I adore Beau even more than I did his father. Cerynise Kendall may be in desperate straights, but she is no wilting flower or woman without the courage to do what must be done. She needs to get home, and Beau is her only chance to escape the clutches of a wretched man who wants to claim what's hers. Beauregard Birmingham is well aware of his flaws and limitations, and when he espies Cerynise again after many years, he realizes that he isn't strong enough to ignore the flame she ignites within him, and yet he's powerless to turn her away.

Woodiwiss delivers another sweeping historical romance when two people destined for love finally find one another. The Elusive Flame is an endearing and page-turning romantic adventure!

Format Read: Mass Market Paperback

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Reviewed By: MK McClintock