Kat's Law

by Samantha St. Claire

The Book

She was a doctor seeking justice for her town. He was a lawman who had turned in his badge after failing to protect the innocent.

Idaho Territory—1888

Kat Meriwether left Snowberry as a tomboy with a saucy reputation as a fighter of bullies. She returns as an educated woman polished by her father's aunt, with whom she's lived these past four years. Throughout those years she's kept her mind on her studies, avoiding romantic entanglements that might hinder her from achieving her goals. Those goals have advanced to include an appointment as a physician in a San Francisco hospital, but upon returning she learns just how much her father and Snowberry need her to stay.

Texas Ranger, Jonathan Winthrop, is a haunted man, running from his own tormented past. Idaho territory offers him a chance to start over as a rancher, but lawless men are changing the once peaceful town, and innocents will die without a defender. But can he find the confidence in his brokenness to take up his gun again and confront those who would violate the law?

In this sweet historical western romance, author Samantha St. Claire brings young medical school graduate, Dr. Kat Meriwether, back to Idaho Territory to find violence has shattered the peace of her beloved home, but she also finds a good man whose sense of justice is as strong as hers. Together they would find not only their irresistible calling, but an undeniable love.

Publisher: Samantha St. Claire

Series: Sawtooth Range, Book One

Kat's Law by Samantha St. Claire

A Reader's Opinion 

Lovers of western romance will love Kat’s Law, written by new author Samantha St. Claire. If you're looking for a fast read and clean romance with an independent and very determined heroine, then Kat's Law will be perfect for you! Ms. St. Claire is a new author for me so I didn't really know what to expect! Surprise, it's a real page turner.


This story is mainly about Dr. Kat Meriwether, a young doctor who goes back to her hometown in Idaho Territory, 1888. Her new life will be filled with danger, intrigue, and a dash of romance.


Kat's story tells the journey of a strong-minded, smart, and very determined young woman! As a female doctor, she has to prove her new skills to the residents of Snowberry, especially men. But, with the help of her entourage, she will find respect and friendship. Kat is glad to be back with her father Nathaniel, but is disappointed about the violence that is occurring in her home town, and is quite determine to do something about that. Meanwhile, a newcomer, an ex-Texas Ranger, Jonathan Winthrop, enters her life. He would gladly help, but he is a broken man and is still haunted by a nightmare, so he doesn't feel ready to help the residents. Since Kat and Jonathan are both for justice, together they will embark on a mission to re-establish peace and harmony in Snowberry. 


Will he be able to protect Kat and Nathaniel when they are threatened by danger? Will their new friendship bloom and create a beautiful chemistry between the two that will unite them forever?


I recommend Kat's Law, especially if you love western romance! A real page turner! I loved Kat for her independence and determination!

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Reviewed By: Nicole Laverdure