A Heart Made for Love

by Linda Tillis

The Book

In rural Florida, 1903, Mae Hinton cares for her father and younger brothers, trying to fill her deceased mother's shoes. Her life is shattered and her faith tested when her innocence is stolen by roving miscreants. Left unconscious, unable to identify her attackers, she pledges to help other victimized women. She pursues an education and learns to deal with bigoted ministers, well-to-do hypocrites, and men with higher regard for their livestock than their women.

Edward Finch is nearly done with medical studies in England when he comes home for the holidays. Love flourishes, and Mae seems close to achieving her dreams of both true love and a haven for victims, once she can explain to him why she carries a pistol. Then her new-found happiness is upset by a murder as one of her attackers returns. She may settle this herself...or she may find that vengeance truly belongs to God.

A Heart Made for Love by Linda Tillis

A Reader's Opinion 

A Heart Made for Love is a tender journey of struggle, hope and faith. Mae's strength and character are admirable, especially after everything she went through as a young woman. The story is filled with powerful messages of acceptance and belief in a higher power, and the promise that if one has trust in God, they'll be able to overcome the most difficult of their hardships. Linda Tillis took a ununusal setting for this time period in fiction and really helps the reader to see the rural Flordia setting. I wouldn't characterize this is as romance, although there is a sweet love story within. There were a few times I struggled as the story slowed down, but the author manged to bring me back. The ultimate message of hope, sacrifice and of course love, touches every life, including Edward's and many of the secondary characters. The author set the story up nicely for the sequel which features Mae's brother, Samuel, who about stole the show at some points during the book.


A Heart Made for Love is a clean and thought-provoking story of about a woman's unwavering faith in God, and the belief that one person can make a difference.

Content Notice: This is a clean book that does not contain sexual content, however, there is discussion and mention of rape. I think the author handled the subject matter with great respect and without going into graphic details.

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Reviewed By: Kaylie Morgan