Enchantress' Secret

by Rain Trueax

The Book

Denali Hemstreet, a witch, born into a family of shamans and witches, sees what happened earlier by the energies embedded in the surroundings.  As a detective in the family agency, she uses her skills, both natural and developed to solve crimes. 


Ex-seal, Nick Beringer paints with an intensity few can match, including images he does not understand. When he is accused of murder, he will soon find out there is much in the world he had no idea existed.


An idealistic witch and a hardened soldier find their mutual attraction urges them to overcome their differences to join forces, when another realm thrusts past their barriers and challenges their lives. Working from a detective agency, bookstore, and a boutique, the Hemstreet witches keep the order of the ‘old ways’ alive in the barrio.


Series: Barrio Viejo, Book One
Publisher: Seven Oaks

A Reader's Opinion 

Captivating until the very last page!

I always enjoy discovering a new author and her books! What a nice surprise! I really enjoyed Rain Trueax's first story, Enchantress' Secret, a romantic suspense with a mystical touch! Wonderful start to her new series, Barrio Viejo. It was fantastic to read and a real page turner.

It tells the story of Denali Hemstreet, born a witch, into a family of shamans and witches, but a good witch, who only wants to make the world better. Also a detective for her family's agency, she is asked to investigate the murder of her mom's friend. Enters in her life ex-seal and paint artist, Nick Beringer, who has become a suspect. Denali and Nick will join forces to find the real killer, when a second woman is murdered. Welcome to a world of witches, spirits, demons and ghosts, where anything can happen! Let's not forget that Denali possess a special gift that she can only use to help others. This suspense is a nice blend of inexplicable danger, mysticism and romance!

Enchantress' Secret is the perfect blend of romantic heat and chilling suspense that kept me turning pages until the very end. Reading this story was like being on a roller coaster ride of thrills and mystery! This romantic paranormal will surely please fans of fantastic tales.

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Enchantress' Secret by Rain Trueax

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Reviewed By: Nicole Laverdure