A Discarded Pearl

by Dawn Brower

The Book

Pearla Montgomery is nursing a broken heart. She was set to marry the Duke of Huntly only to have her wedding halted before they finished saying their I do’s. Her intended’s presumed dead wife interrupted the nuptials. In order to get away from the scandal she flees London. She meets a man that she could possibly give her heart to, but is afraid of letting anyone in. Running away starts to become a habit she can’t break.

Damian, Conte Leone falls in love with Pearla the moment he meets her. Even if they met under the worst circumstances. Unfortunately for him he is the brother of the woman who interrupted Pearla’s wedding. A little detail the love of his life can’t seem to forget. Even if he has to chase her to the end of the world and back he will not give up on her. Damian sets out to win her heart and nothing will stand in his way.

They have many obstacles to overcome, but the biggest is Pearla’s own fears. Can Damian convince her to let him into her heart and trust he will keep it safe always?

Series: A Marsden Romance Book 5

A Reader's Opinion 

Pearla and Damien's lust-filled romance begins in a musty cabin on a pirate ship, a place neither expected to end up. Pearla fled London after a scandal errupted only to find herself in what could be a worse situtation . . . if it weren't for Damien, Conte Leone. Neither knows what to expect from their captors or if they'll come of out their predicament in one piece. I was left curious about some unanswered questions and would have liked to see more of the action take place on the page instead behind the scenes. An easy read with a little romance and spice, A Discarded Pearl is the fifth book in the Marsden Romance series.


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Reviewed By: Kaylie Morgan