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MAJOR, MID-LIST, and PRE-APPROVED PUBLISHERS ONLY: If you are a publisher for whom we've reviewed one or more books in the past, and you have a book available on NetGalley you would like us to consider, you may send a direct email with the link at any time. Providing us with a widget or NetGalley link does not guarantee a book review, and all other guidelines still apply. 


Review Request Guidelines

Our reviewers offer insightful, honest, and unbiased reviews without those dreaded spoilers. If you're an author seeking to have their book reviewed, please complete the form below. Your book information will be made available to our reviewers so they may choose what interests them, ensuring your book is fit with a reviewer who enjoys the genre. We appreciate your patience and professionalism toward our review team.


  • While priority is given to new and upcoming releases, you may submit a book with a publication date within the past five years.

  • We do not post ratings except for book content. If a reviewer does not feel they can give a book a positive review, the author will be notified and a review will not be posted. 

  • If we've already reviewed your book, please do not resubmit a revised or updated version. We do not re-review books.

  • All books must be written in English, though authors may be from anywhere in the world.

  • Books may be novels or novellas.

  • We accept both traditionally published and self-published books. Please keep in mind that reviewers may take into account poor editing and opt not to finish or review a book.

  • We are not always able to accommodate review requests for blog tours due to deadlines involved with tours. You may still submit your book for review, but we cannot guarantee it will be posted on a specific date. If you'd like a book review to be published around the time of a tour or release, we recommend submitting your request two months in advance.

  • There is no charge for book reviews, and a review is never guaranteed. Please do not follow up to ask if your book has been reviewed or if a review is ready.

  • We are unable to accept boxed sets of novels or novellas. Multi-author collections are allowed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Review submissions may close periodically to avoid logjams of requests.

Check out our content rating system.

Read our Review Request FAQ.

See the request form below for genres currently accepted for review. These genres are updated periodically based on current reviewers' preferences.

What We Don't Review or Feature

This is a general audience site and our reviewers reserve the right not to review any book. While we read books that may feature some steamy scenes and swearing (we have a rating system), we have some limitations based on content. We do not review or feature erotica, erotic romance, BDSM, or books that contain or promote incest, pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, rape, cruelty to animals, racial intolerance, or sexual encounters with minors. We also do not feature books with heavy/explicit language.

Review Request FAQ

If my book isn't chosen within a certain time, may I resubmit?


Please do not resubmit the same book for a review request or follow up on requests. Submitted books are made available to our reviewers for 120 days or four months, so it's possible it can be chosen within that time frame. Reviews are not guaranteed.

For what reasons would my book not be chosen?


Reviewers often choose what appeals to them. It could be the cover, the description, or the genre. We find that books with heavy swearing and poor cover design will be passed up. Some reviewers will read the sample on Amazon, and if there are errors or the book doesn't capture their attention, they will pass. 

Sometimes it's simply a case of a lot of books and not enough time to review them all.

What happens if my book doesn't get a positive review or a reviewer doesn't finish it?

As of our relaunch in August 2020, we do not give book ratings on this blog. We now rate only the content/heat levels. We also post reviews only for books a reviewer can give a positive review, which is equivalent to a rating of 4 stars or higher.

If the reviewer also posts online, the individual reviewer may leave a rating on Goodreads or BookBub, and on retail sites that require them. If a reviewer doesn't post online, then you may still use a snippet of your review in the Editorial Review section of a retail site.

In the cases where a reviewer did not like the book, or chose to not finish the book, we notify the author.  Sometimes the reviewer will provide their thoughts so the author knows why and other times they will not. The reviewer's name is never provided in these instances.


If a reviewer passes simply because they did not connect with the story, we will make the book available again to our reviewers. If a reviewer passes or doesn't review because of content or editing issues, that book will no longer be available for review.

I publish a lot of books. May I submit one a month?

You are welcome to submit a book a month, but it is not recommended. Readers like to mix things up, and our reviewers are no different. Quality over quantity is valued. If you are a prolific author with six or more releases per year, we recommend submitting no more than your top four per year.