Time for a new chapter . . .

What began as a personal book blog in 2012 grew quickly until it became the Books & Benches we know today. This has been a tremendously rewarding experience, and we've been truly honored to work with so many wonderful authors and readers. We had intended to carry on for many more years. However, we have come to the difficult decision to say farewell. Of course, this only means new opportunities for us each to support authors and connect with readers, just in different ways.

After five wonderful years on this book blogging adventure, it's time to say goodbye to Books & Benches. What began as a passion project to help authors connect with readers, evolved into an amazing network dedicated to supporting the written word. You've made our days brighter and have given us many memories filled with joy and happiness.

Thank you to all of our readers and subscribers for the time you've spent with us. Keep reading, writing, and sharing the books you love with others.

With gratitude for you all you've done and all you are.

The Books & Benches Team

August 31, 2017

This site will remain online for your viewing enjoyment.

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