Our Reviewers

Book reviewers are those wonderful people who selfishly take the time to read a book and review it for nothing exchange except for the joy they derive from the precious words on a page. Lucky for the publishing industry, reviewers exist and are willing to do what they do best because they have such a great love for the written word. Scroll below to meet our current team of reviewers.

Meet the Reviewers

(Does not include past reviewers.)

Kaylie Morgan, United States

Our favorite genres are historical fiction, historical romance, contemporary romantic suspense, sweet contemporary romance, westerns, and inspirational romance. We also like a good non-romantic mystery or thriller. We prefer to read paperback and hardcover books, but will also read e-books if they catch our notice. (Note: Two of our reviewers share their "reader opinions" under the name Kaylie (hence the 'we') as they both share the same tastes in books. One is simply a girl who loves to read but doesn't have online accounts and the other is a retiree turned beta-reader who barely uses email but can't get enough of books.

Kathy Scott, United States

I enjoy a variety of genres from young adult to historical fiction to a great thriller. I read e-books and paperbacks and always prefer to read a good book instead of watching T.V. I'm a rabid fan of NetGalley and love to help authors by reviewing books.

MK McClintock, United States

Award-winning author MK McClintock is a voracious reader whose favorite genres are historical romance, historical fiction, historical western romance, westerns, contemporary romantic suspense, and thrillers. When she's not reading or writing, she enjoys hiking, photography, gardening, and cooking. MK reads paperback and hardcover books, and on rare occasion listens to audiobooks on CD when she's driving. If a book looks too tempting to pass up from a publisher, she sometimes gives in and reads an e-book on her laptop. Due to MK's demanding writing schedule, her posted reviews will be limited and primarily of books from her personal library.

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