The Last Gunfighter: Montana Gundown

by William W. Johnstone

The Book

In the latest rip-roaring adventure, Frank Morgan is the last of his kind--until he confronts a young gun who shares his name, skill, and maybe even his blood.

A Reader's Opinion 

My first time reading a William W. Johnstone book and glad I am that I picked it up. A true western, much like that of Louis L'Amour (only better) and Larry McMurtry, though it was a bit more gunfighter versus bad guys without the relationships. Though I have a fondness for the above mentioned authors, Johnstone delivers a great tale here. The hero Frank Morgan, is well-written and as a gunfighter, he's quite likeable. I found myself enjoying his straight-forward way of thinking and no b.s. attitude. This is a real western, without sappy romance and drama. You will find, as the title so aptly states, good gunfights, gentleman cowboys, interesting characters and of course your outlaws, bandits and unexpected swindlers. Great book and great author. I would recommend this book  and author to anyone who enjoys westerns.


Edition: Mass Market Paperback (320 pages)

Source: Reader's personal library

Series: The Last Gunfighter

Montana Gundown by William W. Johnstone

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