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For Authors

There's lots of cool info (we think it's cool) on this page, so read through and select your submission option. Please be sure to look over what we feature and don't to make sure your book fits within the genre and content guidelines. 

Our goal is simple—to help authors share their books with readers. As much as we respect authors and the books they write, it is equally important for authors to respect the time of our volunteers. 

If you can answer "YES" to all three questions below, then click on one of the options to get started.

  • My book is either traditionally published, or self-published and edited by a professional editor.

  • My book falls within one of the accepted genres on this site.

  • My book has a tasteful and professional-looking cover that meets the general expectations of the genre.

We do not charge for any of our features or postings. We reserve the right not to work with anyone who makes the lives of our fun-loving, easy-going volunteers difficult.

We have changed the way this blog is operated by moving in part to a DIY platform. What does this mean? 

  • You may still submit book releases for the release page and book covers for the monthly cover contest. 

  • All other postings to the blog, with the exception of posts for blog tours, will be in a DIY format. Read below for information. 

  • The Author Resources page features links to companies that offer good and affordable blog tours, cover design, author websites, and other publicity services. 

  • We are 100% committed to providing authors with free promo options and will get creative with future options based on what our volunteers can handle.

  • The DIY format does require authors put in a little more effort to be featured, but also allows us to keep Books & Benches going without overtaxing our author-volunteers. 

DIY Posting

If you would like the freedom to post at the Books & Benches on available days, and are already an author featured in our directory, please email booksandbenches@gmail.com for details and access. 

If you have never been featured on the blog, please send us an email with your author name, website and/or blog, and a link to either your Amazon author page or Goodreads author page so we can check out your books. We do our best to respond to every email but are not always able to do so. If you do not hear from us within two weeks, then there was something wrong with your request that did not enable us to grant access. 

We will be on holiday from December 15 - January 30, so if you have a book release during those dates, please submit all materials by December 10. Anything received after that date will be held until February. 

If you write books in one of the following genres, you may be featured on Books & Benches.

Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Historical Fiction, Mysteries, Suspense, & Thrillers, Inspirational Romance, Inspirational Fiction (non-romance/non-religious), Historical or Contemporary Western Romance, Western, Historical Mystery, Historical or Contemporary with some Paranormal/Fantasy elements, and Women's Fiction. 

If a genre or sub-genre is not listed above, we do not currently feature it.


What We Don't Feature

This is a family-friendly site. While we do read books that may feature some steamy scenes and swearing (we have a rating system), we do have some limitations based on content. We do not review or feature erotica, erotica romance, BDSM, or books that contain or promote incest, pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, rape, cruelty to animals, racial intolerance, or sexual encounters with minors. We also do not feature books with heavy/explicit language.


We reserve the right not to feature any book, or other content, that does not meet quality publishing standards in terms of editing and cover design. Submission to the blog is not a guarantee that your book will be featured.

Books and Benches

 This website is privately owned. It is run by a dedicated group of volunteers whose primary goal is to have fun while sharing one of our favorite things—books!

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