by Kathi Oram Peterson

The Book

A storm rages outside the unassuming Los Angeles house, while within, something sinister lurks. A murderer stalks their victim, unaware of a witness to the horrific crime: awakened from a deep, drug-induced slumber, Tara Kelly hears voices in the next room. Struggling to focus through her sleep medication, the young woman helplessly observes her aunt’s murder. Now she’s a loose end the killer cannot ignore . . . A family friend helps Tara as she does the only thing she can: disappear. 


Fleeing to the security of a remote Idaho ranch, Tara finds herself under the guard of handsome rancher Joseph White Eagle. Her unwitting protector takes his role seriously, going as far as claiming that Tara is his fiancée. But even as their relationship deepens, Joseph struggles to see past Tara’s similarities to his late wife. When a series of accidents threatens Tara’s life, it becomes clear that her attempt to outrun danger has been in vain. 


The killer will stop at nothing to find her, and Joseph will do anything to protect her—even if it means unraveling secrets that will have devastating consequences for them both.

Publisher: Covenant Communications

Deceived by Kathi Oram Peterson

A Reader's Opinion 

Kathi Oram Peterson always does a great job of weaving mystery, a little romance, and keeping things clean. I sympathized with Tara, but I also liked how she wasn't willing to completely give in and become a victim. She's human with human fears, but she didn't curl up in a corner when she could have. Joseph as a hero, a man, and a person was wonderful. I appreciated his way of looking at life and the world. He has struggles of his own, but he doesn't let them get in the way of what needs to be done. He's strong, hard-working, and sexy. The romance felt right, and wasn't rushed or instant, despite how things initially developed. I figured out one of the bad guys right away, but then there was a nice big surprise at the end that I honestly didn't see coming until right before it happened. Deceived is a great book and I do recommend it. 


Note to readers: There are Christian/Mormon elements throughout the book, but they do not dominate, and I can honestly recommend this to anyone who enjoys mainstream mysteries.

Format Read: Paperback

Book Source: Reader's Library


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