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Become a B&B Reviewer

We're looking for some fabulous book reviewers to join our team! It might seem like we're a tad picky when it comes to reviewers—and we are—but that's because we care so much about both the reviewers and the authors that we feel it's our responsibility to give both the best and most honest book review experience possible, all while having a good time. We hope to welcome you to our devoted group of happy, book-loving, merrymakers.

As a bonus, you may review the books you choose! This means if you have a book from your own library, or found one on NetGalley or BookSirens, or submitted directly to you by an author, you may have it posted to the Books & Benches blog, so long as it meets our genre and content guidelines. Our goal is to create a community of readers who love to share the books they enjoy.

Note that with our relaunch in 2020, we no longer post book ratings or books that the reviewer did not enjoy. We do have a "Top Pick" badge that reviewers may reward for what they would consider a 5-star book, but ratings will not be used. We are more interested in sharing books that a reviewer/reader would recommend rather than sharing books they wouldn't.

While we value varying opinions—even when a book is not liked—we do expect those who review for Books & Benches to be professional and show kindness to authors and fellow readers in all their online dealings. 

Books & Benches does not provide paid review options, which means our reviewers provide their honest opinion in exchange for the books they read. We're all volunteers who love reading books and helping authors, and we hope you'll consider joining us.

We feature and review the following genres, so be sure you enjoy reading within these genres before submitting the form below. 

Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Historical Fiction, Mysteries, Suspense, & Thrillers, Inspirational Romance, Inspirational Fiction (non-romance/non-religious), Historical or Contemporary Western Romance, Western, Historical Mystery, Historical or Contemporary with some Paranormal/Fantasy elements, and Women's Fiction. 

If a genre or sub-genre is not listed above, we do not currently feature it. We do not review or feature erotica or erotic romance, so those will never be an option for reviewers, and each book will have a content rating.