Young Chefs

by Christina Dymock

The Cookbook

Hey kids! It's time to take charge in the kitchen. Become a young chef as you make your favorite foods and explore new recipes with everything from Game Day Hot Dogs to Lemon Shark Bars. Each recipe tells your parents when help is needed and also includes stories, jokes, and history about the recipes. You'll be whipping up masterpieces in no time. Let's get cookin'!

Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc. (June 11, 2013)

A Reader's Opinion 

This is a great book for those young chefs who like to join you in the kitchen, play in the flour, and who watch in amazement as a few ingredients become something yummy. As a child, I learned by doing and looking at my mom's cookbooks, but it would have been fun to have something like this. The glossary and instructions are easy to understand, and the recipes are simple. I like the intro pages that explain safety, sanitation, and a few how-to sections. The idea isn't gourmet—it's to get kids used to working in a kitchen. The recipes are easy, so a child won't be bored, and the little toolbox feature for each recipe tells them what they need. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this for the young chef in the family. It's also kid-approved by my niece and nephew.

Format: Hardcover

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