A Reader's Opinion: Where the Horses Run by Kaki Warner


The book blurb summarizes the story perfectly, so there's no need for that here. I will say that my lack of sleep one night can be entirely blamed on Kaki Warner. I picked up "Where the Horses Run" for my usual hour of reading before bed. It turns out that I couldn't stop at one hour. In true Kaki fashion, nothing in this story is sugar-coated. You smell the dust and sweat, feel the tears and heartache, and your heart pounds when you know two people should just stop being stupid and be together. There was a bit of talk about 19th-century contraceptives—something I've noticed in books lately—that I could have done without, but it was over quickly.

I loved how much of the story centered around horses. I know the title pretty much says that, but it's done so well. I completely fell in love with the stallion, Pems, and wanted to take care of him as much as Rayford and Josephine. Josephine's father was quite unlikable as intended, and her son was adorable. 

I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys a nice twist to a western story, and especially those who enjoy horses with their romance books.

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars | Content Rating: 4 Hearts



A lawman turned wrangler and a desperate Englishwoman risk everything for a wounded horse–and for each other.  For fans of Linda Lael Miller, Jodi Thomas, and Catherine Anderson.

Wounded in body and spirit after a shootout, Rayford Jessup leaves his career as a lawman and uses his gift with damaged horses to bring meaning to his solitary life. Hired by a Scotsman in Heartbreak Creek to purchase thoroughbreds, he travels to England, unaware that a traumatized horse and a beautiful Englishwoman will change his life forever.

Josephine Cathcart loves two things: her illegitimate son and her injured stallion. Faced with her father’s looming bankruptcy, she must choose between a loveless marriage to the man who ruined her, or risk her horse and her future on a handsome, taciturn Texan and a high-stakes horse race. But as vengeful forces conspire against them, will Rafe’s love and healing touch be enough to save her horse and protect her and her son?

Genre: Historical Western Romance | Page count: 352pp | Format Read: Mass Market | Publisher: Berkeley | Released: July 1, 2014


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