A Reader's Opinion: THE ENCHANTED PRINCESS by Dawn Brower


Enchanting and charming! Dawn Brower has written an enjoyable young adult fantasy story about an evil curse and a young princess who will soon become queen . . . if the evil can be stopped. Elodie is a spunky young princess who isn't far from her eighteenth birthday, when she is supposed be have her coronation. An evil that wants to prevent her from becoming queen curses Elodie into another realm of darkness and nightmares—Malediction.

I don't normally read young adult books, but I took a chance with this one and Ms. Brower surprised me. I was pulled into the story and enjoyed my time following Princess Elodie's life as she battles the mysterious curse trying to get home to her kingdom of Zelnon. Being a young adult book, the dialogue style is suited more for a younger audience. THE ENCHANTED PRINCESS is filled with magic, sweet touches of romance, good vs. evil, and many other requisite elements for this type of story. With adventure, a sassy princess, a charming prince, a trusted guard, and other interesting characters, this delightful young adult fantasy is sure to please readers of the genre.

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars | Content Rating: 1 Heart | Reviewed by: Kaylie Morgan



As the royal heir of Zelnon, Princess Elodie should be living a charmed life. It is enchanting in a diabolical way that could destroy not only her existence but those she cares about as well. Her coronation is set for her eighteenth birthday, but an evil force is determined to destroy any chance she has of becoming queen. A week before her birthday a curse is enacted sending her to the nightmare realm of Malediction—sweeping her, a trusted guard, and the prince of a neighboring kingdom into its dark clutches. Escaping the world is impossible, but if they don’t find a way out they will either die or become permanent residents of the dreamscape. If Elodie doesn’t return home in time her kingdom could be lost to her forever. As they battle for their lives, every decision exacts a monumental price. They must make sacrifices that will burn holes into their souls and every step brings new risks. With victory within reach, they realize that it comes with an irremediable loss and must suffer the consequences of their actions.

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy | Pub Date: July 13, 2017 | Page count: 186pp | Publisher: Monarchal Glenn Press

Format Read: E-Book | Source: Provided by the author or publisher


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