A Reader's Opinion: UNHINGED by JB Schroeder


UNHINGED is a suspense-packed story that keeps the reader interested from the beginning, and by beginning, I mean the title. Aptly named, UNHINGED takes us down a dark and winding path of "who done it," except we're told who about halfway through. If you think that's going to kill the suspense, think again. Schroeder keeps us guessing when it comes to both the villain's motives and the sexy as sin relationship between Tori and Aiden. I'm a sucker for a great hero and Aiden fulfills every need, acting as both wounded warrior and knight in shining armour. He's not perfect but he's perfect for Tori. The romantic tension builds up to a super hot and well-timed crescendo that is sure to leave you steaming and at the same time make your heart flutter a little. I could have done without 90% of the swearing since it pulled me out of the story every so often. Luckily, UNHINGED gives us well-paced romance and action that leave the reader wanting more.

Star Rating: 4 Stars | Content Rating: 5 Hearts | Reviewed by: Kaylie Morgan



Tori Radnor’s future is looking brighter after scoring a big break with her start-up venture. Mega-successful Aiden Miller has agreed to help. Although her job isn’t the only thing drawing Tori to her new partner, she is determined to keep it strictly business. She owes that to her teenager, after letting her almost-ex nearly destroy them. When she and her son become an elusive villain’s target, her carefully constructed plans begin to unravel. Is Aiden somehow involved—or is he the safest bet? Aiden is facing a cross-roads personally and professionally when the police discover his Poconos store is part of a well-established drug ring. Alluring Tori and her employees are not complications he needs. Inexplicably, as his desire for the kind-hearted social worker increases, so does the danger—leaving protective Aiden between a rock and a hard place. As the villain’s taunts escalate into terrifying attacks, Tori and Aiden must confront their worst fears—before it all becomes Unhinged.

Genre: Romantic Suspense | Pub Date: May 21, 2016 | Page count: 400pp | Series: Unlikely Series (Book 1)

Format Read: E-Book | Source: Provided by the author or publisher


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