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This steamy and well-written story set in Colorado will satisfy readers of historical western romance. Set on a cattle ranch in 1892, A TOUCH OF FROST by Jo Goodman tells the story of Remington Frost, the handsome protector to Phoebe Apple on her journey from New York . . . only Phoebe doesn't know Remington is close by. When a train robbery turns out to also be a kidnapping, Remington must race to save Phoebe. When she discovers who he is, the son of her sister's husband, Thaddeus, she's not only shocked, but she has trouble keeping her distance. Will that be the end of Phoebe's troubles? Ms. Goodman takes the reader on a ride filled with adventure, drama, and humor.

There are many levels to this story with plenty of twists to keep the reader turning page after page. The characters are fun and the author's storytelling style drew me in and held me close. There is plenty of bodice-ripping romance in this one for readers who like their books on the lusty side. With plenty of secrets to uncover, Remington and Phoebe have their work cut out for them.

Rating: 4 Stars | Content Rating: 5 Hearts | Reviewed by: Kathy Scott


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In the latest western historical romance from USA Today bestselling author Jo Goodman, a rancher rescues a mysterious young woman—but trouble is still on their trail. After his train is robbed at gunpoint, Remington Frost awakens from a blow to find the bandits gone...along with the woman he was shadowing for protection. No stranger to risk, Remington will do what it takes to bring Phoebe Apple to safety and her kidnappers to justice. But ransoming Phoebe is just the start of trouble...

Phoebe is shocked to learn that her mysterious rescuer is none other than Remington Frost, the son of her sister's new husband. Home at Twin Star Ranch, she falls happily into western life—and cautiously in love with Remington. But danger hides close to home, and their romance illuminates a web of secrets and betrayal that may put the rancher and his intended bride past the point of rescue.

Historical Western Romance | June 6, 2017 | 416pp | Publisher: Berkley

Format Read: E-Book | Source: Provided by the publisher via NetGalley


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