A Reader's Opinion: SADIE'S HIGHLANDER by Maeve Greyson


If you love time travel romance with a touch of magic and enchantment, then I recommend SADIE’S HIGHLANDER by Maeve Greyson! If you are in the mood for a fun read with a happy ending, then this Scottish love story will leave you charmed. Ms. Greyson nicely blended her two charming characters, Alec MacDara and Sadie Williams, into a well-developed and very well-written intrigue. I have to say that this author is one of those Highlander romance writers who knows how to really spin an adventure and capture your interest from start to finish. I’m already hooked to her new Highlander Protector series. I simply can’t resist stories with magic, time travel, and romance, all blended into a beautiful love story. Centuries ago, the goddesses were the sole protectors of a precious stone called the Hearstone. These goddesses planned the MacDara family’s future by making them the protectors of the precious and blessed stone, an ancient relic filled with unexplainable energy that made every mortal life worth living. As time passed, the knowledge of this gift slowly faded, until one day in Scotland, Alec MacDara, his father, mother, his three brothers, and younger sister, time traveled from 10th-century Scotland to the 21st-century North Carolina. The goddesses gave the four brothers divine powers to protect the stone: Alec, a sword, Ross a shield, Grant, a hammer, and finally to Ramsay, a spear.

In this first adventure,we meet Alec, a brave warrior with a heart of gold, and Sadie, a modern day headstrong woman. All her life, Sadie's family, especially her sister Delia, had treated her like someone beneath them. Now Sadie lacks confidence in herself, but as a future screenwriter, she’ll need all the help she can get if she wants to succeed. I really loved the chemistry between these Alec and Sadie. Spending so much time together will bring those two beautiful souls so close that Alec, the charming highlander, will become irresistible for Sadie. What will happen next? Well, that’s when the all the fun began! Ms. Greyson is one of my favorite writer of Highlander adventures, so Alec and Sadie’s story was so much fun to read. It was fast paced and romantic with some scenes filled with Ms. Greyson’s unique sense of humor! I can’t wait to read her second book, Joanna’s Highlander. Which highlander will it be next time . . . Ross, Grant, or Ramsay? Amazing debut for the new Highland Protector series!

Rating: 5 Stars | Content Rating: 5 Hearts | Reviewed by: Nicole Laverdure


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The Highland Protector series brings to life four mouthwatering Celtic brothers in twenty-first-century North Carolina—where the lasses are anything but tamed. Highland warrior Alec MacDara and his brothers traveled forward in time to protect the sacred Heartstone. Their cover? Owners and operators of a theme park called Highland Life and Legends. As the chairman, Alec has been fending off requests to film at the breathtaking property. It’s only because of the charming correspondence from an enterprising production assistant that he agrees to a meeting at all. That’s when Alec meets a woman whose lush curves make him forget, for the first time, all about tenth-century Scotland. A lowly assistant for her sister’s motion picture company, wannabe screenwriter Sadie Williams is shocked when Alec agrees to let them film at the park upon one condition: that she report to him daily. Sadie’s sister always told her that their parents only adopted her because they felt sorry for the ugly little stray. But Alec looks at Sadie like she’s the most tempting creature in the world. And with his gleaming, musclebound body stripped down to nothing but a hip-hugging kilt and boots, Alec clearly knows a little something about temptation.

Genre: Historical Highland Romance | Pub Date: September 12, 2017 | Publisher: Loveswept

Format Read: E-Book | Source: Provided by the publisher via NetGalley


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