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MOUNTAIN MAN by David W. Marshall tells the fascinating and epic story of John Colter, a hunter and scout who joined the Lewis & Clark expedition across the North American continent. Colter remained behind for two more years after the expedition, exploring the great American west through treacherous, and what must have been stunning, territory.

I read this book because the American west and frontier has always been of great interest to me. However, this text goes beyond a biography or history book. The author transported me to the early 1800s, where I traversed rocky trails and towering peaks, crossed raging streams, and lived alongside Colter during his travels. The author's insight and authority, due to his obvious in-depth research, engrossed me as I witnessed the interaction with the Indigenous Peoples and his exploits as told from the perspectives of second-hand accounts and the author's impressive research.

Historian David W. Marshall is a gifted writer with a talent for weaving history into an adventure story. I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys history of the American west, albeit a small part. MOUNTAIN MAN was well worth reading.

Rating: 5 Stars | Content Rating: 0 Hearts-N/A | Reviewed by: MK McClintock


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The extraordinary life of Lewis & Clark’s right-hand man.

In 1804, John Colter set out with Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on the first U.S. expedition to traverse the North American continent. During the twenty-eight month ordeal, Colter served as a hunter and scout, and honed his survival skills on the western frontier. But when the journey was over, Colter stayed behind, spending two more years trekking alone through dangerous and unfamiliar territory. Along the way, he charted some of the West’s most treasured landmarks. Historian David W. Marshall crafts this captivating history from Colter’s primary sources, and has retraced Colter’s steps—seeing what he saw, hearing what he heard, and experiencing firsthand how he and his contemporaries survived in the wilderness (how they pitched a shelter, built a fire, followed a trail, and forded a stream)—adding a powerful layer of authority and detail. The American Grit series brings you true tales of endurance, survival, and ingenuity from the annals of American history. These books focus on the trials of remarkable individuals with an emphasis on rich primary source material and artwork.

History/Biography | May 9th 2017 | 256pp | Publisher: Countryman Press

Series: American Grit | Format Read: E-Book | Source: Provided by the publisher via NetGalley


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