A Reader's Opinion: THE LAST MOUNTAIN MAN by William W. Johnstone


Sometimes I'm just in the mood for a good, old-fashioned western novel. I have my favorites, among them Johnstone. I've read a number of this author's books over the years, but happened upon the used hardcover for this book in a shop, and couldn't resist. Going back to the beginning to discover how Smoke Jensen became "Smoke" was an enjoyable and interesting journey.

In THE LAST MOUNTAIN MAN, Johnstone takes us back to the end of the Civil War when Smoke was a boy who went by another name. He'd suffered plenty of tragedy even though he didn't go off and fight, yet everything he went through prepared him for the man he would one day become. There is a well-blended combination of humor, tender moments, and sadness. There's also a cantankerous old mountain man named Preacher who guides Smoke in the ways of the western mountains and plains, and there is the transformation of Smoke from boy to young man, with plenty of gun fights and action along the way.

This story reads like more of an old dime novel, but it sure was a great read, especially with the historical details the author weaves into the story. If you're looking for a good western, you can't go wrong with William W. Johnstone.

Content Note: There are no sex scenes, but there is western violence (death and the like), and one scene of assault that is not described, but you know it happened. It may be disturbing for some, though I thought the author handled it well.

Rating: 5 Stars | Content Rating: 0 Hearts | Reviewed by: MK McClintock


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From his Missouri farm, the boy travels west. In his heart is vengeance. In his hand is a Navy Colt. By his side is the old mountain man named Preacher, who'll teach young Smoke Jensen everything he needs to know about fighting like the devil, and--when the time comes--dying like a man. Although his enemies have destroyed everything he's ever loved, they made one mistake.

Western | Oct 1, 2008 | Publisher: Kensington

Format Read: Hardcover | Source: From the reviewer's personal library.

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