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Jo Goodman delivers a dazzling read with IN WANT OF A WIFE, her third Bitter Springs novel. I read this one months ago, but wanted to share my thoughts. Goodman brings her characteristic wit and in-depth research to the story of Jane Middlebourne and Morgan Longstreet. Every book I've read so far by this author has brought to life both a strong hero and heroine. Although Jane's actions that took her to Wyoming weren't those of a smart woman, she's strong, likeable, and has enough grit to help her survive in an unfamiliar place. Morgan is a sweetheart beneath his initial standoffish personality, and it was so easy to fall for him as much as Jane did.

The story is filled with secrets that add more depth to an already interesting plot. Personally, I can always do without all the sex scenes in romance books, but boy does the author know how to create a sizzling build-up. I skip the more graphic scenes and still feel the incredibly strong connection between the characters. There's plenty of humor, sarcasm, and snappy dialogue to keep the story moving along.

Anyone who loves historical romantic westerns with fascinating characters, strong plots, and wonderful narrative, should give the Bitter Springs series a try.

Star Rating: 5 Stars | Content Rating: 5 Hearts | Reviewed by: MK


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SHE HAS NOWHERE LEFT TO TURN Jane Middlebourne needs a way out. In 1891, life in New York is unforgiving for a young woman with no prospects, especially when her family wants nothing to do with her. So when Jane discovers an ad for a mail-order bride needed in Bitter Springs, Wyoming, she responds with a hopeful heart.

HE HAS EVERYTHING TO LOSE Rancher Morgan Longstreet is in want of a wife who will be his partner at Morning Star, someone who will work beside him and stand by him. His first impression of the fair and fragile Jane is that she is not that woman. But when she sets out to prove him wrong, the secrets he cannot share put into jeopardy every happiness they hope to find….

Series: Bitter Springs (Book 3)

Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages

Publisher: Berkley (May 6, 2014)

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