A Reader's Opinion: THE COLOR OF A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE by Julianne MacLean


The Color of Heaven Series

(A Standalone Holiday Novel)


The Color of a Christmas Miracle is a touching story about overcoming hardship and loss, and finding a way back to hope. I had not read any of Julianne MacLean's "Color of Heaven" series before, and this truly is a standalone novel. The author has a unique writing style. I don't normally enjoy reading first person books, but MacLean has a talent for it.

Claire Radcliffe suffers greatly, which is a shame because she's the type of person who deserves every happiness. She had far too much drama for my tastes in the first half of the book, and I felt like I was invading someone's diary of private notes to the point of being uncomfortable. Then, in the second half of the book, Claire redeemed herself. I wanted her to have the happy ending and blessed miracle she deserved, and I ended up liking her very much. She doesn't have an easy journey, but when it's obvious she won't have to go through any of the hardships alone, the story became truly touching and moving.

Claire Radcliffe could teach people a thing or two about forgiveness. A clean and tender story, The Color of a Christmas Miracle is sure to be enjoyed by many.

Star Rating: 4 Stars | Content Rating: 2 Hearts | Reviewed by: Kaylie Morgan



From USA Today bestselling author Julianne MacLean comes a new standalone contemporary romance in the bestselling Color of Heaven Series, where people are affected by real life magic and miracles that change everything they once believed about life and love. Claire Radcliffe has been blessed with a wonderful life—a loving husband, a fulfilling career as a schoolteacher, and a perfect house in a charming historic neighborhood. But with each Christmas that passes, the one thing she longs for most of all continues to elude her, and before long, her life doesn’t seem so perfect anymore. When yet another holiday season approaches and her marriage suffers the worst possible blow, Claire must learn to have faith in destiny, and allow herself to believe that miracles can happen to anyone—especially at Christmastime. Heartwarming and inspiring, The Color of a Christmas Miracle is the tale of one woman’s journey to find happiness, and to learn the power of forgiveness and redemption on the path to true love.

Format Read: E-Book | Source: Provided by the author or publisher.


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